It is always wise to check some compare car insurance site online on policy option before you finalize the insurance policy. In Singapore choosing the right car insurance level is one of the most significant parts of decision. There are three elements you need to consider while buying a Singapore car insurance.

Types of coverage: you need to check the coverage of insurance: it can be only of 3rd party coverage or it needs comprehensive coverage as well as theft and burglary coverage protection. Each of these coverage options provides exclusive protection therefore selection of coverage is important.
Policy extras: Additional and elective features such as breakdown and zero excess for windscreen may vary from one policy coverage to another. A policyholder must consider his requirement before going for selection of car insurance in Singapore.

Car insurance premium is the prime factor for considering a car insurance option cheap or not. However, the factors like contrast of coverage and car insurance premium are the two issues one should consider. There are multiple ways for finding a lower premium:

Choosing a car with small engine is considered lesser risky by insurers, it is easier to keep premium costs at reduced rate.

Fitting provider approved security tool like installation of immobilizer or theft alarm can reduce your premium as these tools enhance security.

Driving safely and religious avoidance of driving convictions will keep your license clean and obligation free and build up your no claims discount resulting in cheaper discount in future.

Coverage: check if you need comprehensive insurance coverage or only 3rd party will do.

Alteration of voluntary access: check the requirement of premium before your upfront fee.

Minimizing optional extras: check the extra benefits in built in the policy and also check without availing these benefits how much premium can be saved.

Named driver especially for self-driven cars: it is initially not a free of cost option in car insurance policy however, in case of auto insurance and related claims, having this specification included in the policy, saves money.

More the car is old by age, premium amount will go up.

Premium of car insurance depends on mileage provided by the car: cars of lower mileage will attract higher premium.

Driver’s age below and higher than 30 and 70 need to pay higher insurance premiums in Singapore.

History of no claim for last 4 years will lower the premium rate of car insurance in Singapore.