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Car insurance online is the best option for the busy car owners in India. In the hustle and bustle of modern day living, you are always busy with your personal and official duties. You often forget or don’t have time to buy or renew your policy. With online, you can get the best plans in just a click.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Car Insurance ?

Car insurance that is bought by car owners in India to cover the costs of any damage, accident, theft, and other uncertainties that can happen to your car. The number of cars on India’s roads has increased manifold over the years. Even if you are an exceptionally good driver, you must take car insurance India because it will secure you against any kind of financial risk

Q: How to find the right car insurance ?

In the hustle and bustle of modern day living, you are always busy with your personal and official duties. You often forget or don’t have time to buy or renew your policy. Car insurance online India is the best option for the busy car owners in India. You can get the best car insurance quote and compare online in just a click. When the entire process is done by online, you can save a lot of time and get best quotes in 3 mintues.

Q: How to choose the best car insurance ?

With the ever-increasing number of cars in India, the number of car insurers is also on the rise. There are several types of  policies and their costs are different too. The main reason for car owners to study car insurance quotes India is to help them decide on the best policy that is also the cheapest. Your car is one of the more expensive assets you have. It is also a very fond possession. Car insurance is a protective shield for your car. Quotes helps you compare and choose the best car insurance policy online, and saves time and money for you.

Q: How to choose car insurance plan ?

First of all, car insurance India is mandatory for every car in India by law. You cannot drive without a valid car insurance plans. In times of crisis, car insurance can be boon. Depending on the type of car insurance plans you opt for, you, your car, your family members, and other people involved will be covered (vehicle repair bills, medical bills, and legal bills) for both man-made and natural calamities. Car insurance plans buys you protection and gives you peace of mind.

Q: Which car insurance is good ?

Owning a car and travelling in one are not a luxury anymore. The ubiquitous vehicle has become an inevitable, preferred, and sometimes, the only means of commuting for most of us. Unfortunately, driving a car or even travelling in it is fraught with risks that can cause us bodily harm and financial loses. Buying policy safeguards you from such unforeseen incidents and secures you from any financial liability. Moreover, though many are not aware of the fact, In India is legally compulsory and it is governed by the Motor Vehicles Act of India.

Q:  How to select car insurance policy ?

There is no one specific type of car insurance policy; there are several. The car insurance policy you chose will depend on several factors such as the premium you want to pay, how risky a driver you are, the insurer’s claim settlement record, and other benefits that may be offered.
Here are the car insurance plans offered by InsureMile –
Comprehensive Cover: This car insurance plans offers the maximum cover – repair or replacement of car, damages due to an accident, inclement weather, acts of theft or vandalism, or accidental loss of the vehicle. This car insurance online, available in India covers all spare parts and accessories of your car and also covers you when a third party files a claim against you.
Third party Cover: This is a limited cover that applies when you cause damage to another’s property or car in an accident. It is the cheapest car insurance India but it doesn’t cover your own car for an accident or other unexpected event.
Third party Fire: This car insurance plans is very similar to the third-party cover but adds some perks to it! In this policy, you are covered in case you are involved in an accident. You’re also covered if you accidently damage somebody’s property or vehicle, and, if your car is damaged by fire.
Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD): This car insurance pansl gives you better pricing. This is because your premium will be based on your own driving pattern, how risky your driving is, and the record of your history of traffic violations. In short – the safer driver you are, the lesser you pay!

Q: Why Insuremile?

InsureMile is fast and easy to use. With InsureMile your search for the policy who gives you the best value for your money is just a click away!
• Tell us a few things about what you want in a car insurance policy (just details about what you are looking for, we DO NOT collect your personal information)
• Compare the comprehensive list of the best car insurance quotes we research and filter for you
• Renew or Buy the policy that sounds like a good deal
• Save money!
The USP of InsureMile is our claims management and on-road service. When accidents happen, our users can file claims on the spot, instantly. They can use the geo-location and upload photos or video online to the insurance company and file their claim.
The best part for the last – the comparison tool is totally unbiased and is absolutely free. And, we don’t ask you for any specific personal information, not even your phone number. So, use our App to compare and choose the best policy quotes in India. Save your time and money!