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Personal accident insurance provides critical financial protection in the event of accidents that cause injury, disability, or death. To further enhance this coverage, insurers offer a variety of add-ons or riders. These additions provide extra benefits tailored to specific needs and situations, ensuring thorough coverage. Here’s an in-depth look at some beneficial personal accident insurance add-ons:

Add ons concept

1. Educational Grant

By opting for an additional premium, you can ensure an education cover for your children. In the unfortunate case of your death or permanent total disability due to an accident, this add-on guarantees that your children’s educational expenses are covered, providing financial stability and educational continuity

2. Residence/Vehicle Modification

This rider covers the expenses necessary for modifying the insured person’s vehicle or home to meet their new physical needs after an accident. It ensures that your living environment and transportation are adapted for comfort and accessibility in case of disabilities.

3. Travel Expenses for One Relative (in Death Cases)

In the event of the policyholder’s death, this add-on covers the actual travel expenses for one relative to come to the policyholder’s location. This benefit provides essential support for families during tough times, ensuring that a family member can be present.

4. Purchase of Blood

This rider covers the costs incurred when purchasing blood from a government-approved blood bank or hospital. It ensures that you do not face financial stress while securing necessary medical supplies during an emergency.

5. Enhanced Weekly Compensation

With this add-on, you can receive higher weekly compensation if an accident temporarily prevents you from working. This benefit helps sustain your financial stability by covering your living expenses during your recovery period.

6. Extension of Medical Expenses

You can extend your coverage for medical expenses up to a specified limit, such as Rs 5 lakh, depending on your policy. This rider ensures that a significant portion of your medical bills is covered, offering peace of mind and financial relief.

7. Transportation of Imported Medicines

If you need specialized medicines that have to be imported, this add-on covers the freight charges for importing these medicines. It ensures that you have access to necessary treatments without worrying about the high transportation costs.

8. Hospital Cash Benefit

In cases of accidental hospitalization, you can receive daily cash benefits up to a specified limit. This benefit covers incidental expenses not typically covered by health insurance, such as meals and transportation, for a certain number of days.

9. Home Convalescence Benefit

If doctors recommend having an attendant at home immediately after hospital discharge, this rider covers those costs. It ensures that you receive the necessary care and support during your recovery at home.

10. Ambulance Expense Cover

This add-on covers the costs of ambulance services to transport you to the hospital following an accident. It ensures timely medical attention without the burden of transportation expenses.

11. Transportation/Repatriation of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event of the insured’s death due to an accident, this add-on covers the expenses incurred in transporting the mortal remains to the home, hospital, or cremation ground. It also covers the costs of cremation ceremonies, providing financial relief during a difficult time.

12. Loan Protection Cover

If the policyholder suffers a lifelong disability or unexpected death, this add-on ensures that a lump sum amount is paid off to cover outstanding loans. It protects your family from financial burdens, ensuring they are not left with debts.

Selecting the Right Add-Ons

When choosing add-ons for your personal accident insurance, consider your lifestyle, occupation, and specific risks. Here are some tips:


Personal accident insurance add-ons are an excellent way to enhance your coverage, providing tailored benefits that address specific needs and circumstances. By choosing the right combination of add-ons, you can ensure comprehensive protection for yourself and your loved ones, offering peace of mind and financial stability in the face of unforeseen accidents.


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