All you need to know about a car insurance policy

This is a mandatory motor insurance plan that seek to protect the policyholder in case of an ill-fatedincident such as an accident or theft. The best car insurance plan protects you and your car from legal charges resulting from physical damage caused to you and your car by a third party. Having your vehicle insured is the best way to protect your car and self from careless drivers or unforeseen natural calamities.

In case of an accident, a policyholder will simply file a claim and your insurance company will swiftly settle your claim. Remember to compare insurance companies and to request car insurance quotes from as many provider as possible to ensure you save money and get the best deal.

Who needs a Motor Insurance policy?

The following need to have a car insurance policy

  • Any new or used car needs to have a motor insurance policy.
  • Any vehicle that is parked or driven should have a car insurance policy. This is because calamities can occur anywhere including the garage.

What are the benefits of having a car insurance plan?

  • Cars don’t come cheap and having your car insured will ensure you can drive without fear.
  • Your car insurance policy ensures that you are covered against loss and damage to your car
  • The best car insuranceplans provide benefits to beneficiaries in case an accident results in death to the policyholder
  • A motor insurance plan caters for lawsuits and legal bills incurred due to an accident
  • It caters to damages caused by fire, theft, riots as well as repair bills incurred due to an accident

There are numerous benefits to having your vehicle insured. I have listed some but you can get additional benefits of car insurance online.

How to apply for your car insurance policy

Applying for your car insurance policy is easy. There are many online car insurance policy providers. Ensure to compare care insurance policies, deals and benefits to maximize on value and save your hard earned money. To get the best vehicle insurance policy

  • Request online car insurance quote from insurance companies
  • Check reviews of the best car insurance companiesonline
  • Compare care insurance quotes
  • Select one that provides best car insurance deal and value for money

What to do in case of an accident?

Sometimes mistakes happen on the road resulting in physical damage from a traffic collision. In case this occurs, remember the following steps

  • Note the car insurance policy details of the other party in case it was a collision involving another vehicle
  • Take pictures of the site of the accident as well as damaged areas of the vehicle
  • Collect eye witness details such as phone numbers as they will help shed light into the cause of the accident
  • In case of injury, seek medical attention and maintain proper medical records to help you when making a claim
  • Collect case number from police officers once the incident has been recorded.
  • Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible and notify them of the incident.


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