Bachat Yojana Plan
Bachat Yojana Plan is a traditional savings and investment plan that provides policyholders with the facility of long-term savings, thus enabling them to build a reasonably sized savings portfolio with affordable premiums. Bachat Yojana – Key Features The policy has a limited pay period of ten years, but coverage is provided for 15 years. It is specifically designed for long-term savings with the added benefit of affordable premiums. On maturity of the policy, the policyholder receives Sum Assured plus Bonus.
Bachat Yojana – Product Specification
Details About Premium Annual premium in Rupees Bachat Yojana – Policy Details Grace Period: If the insured fails to pay his monthly premiums, then he is allowed a grace period of 15 days. And, if the insured fails to pay his any other premium payment modes, then he shall be allowed a grace period of 30 days. The plan is subject to lapse if the insured fails to pay his premiums even within the grace period and is further subject to non forfeiture benefits. Policy Termination or Surrender Benefit: This policy acquires Surrender Value on the completion of three full policy years with the provision that all premiums were paid. The policy is terminated on occurrence of any of the following events: on payment of the Surrender Benefit, or Death Benefit or Maturity Benefit; after the end of 2 years from the date of lapse. Free Look Period: If the insured feel that he is not happy with any of the benefits provided by the plan, then he is free to cancel it within 15 days of receiving the policy documents. The insured is free to cancel his plan, after reviewing it by sending a documented notice stating the reason for dissatisfaction. The company shall make refunds of all the premiums paid after making the required deductions of medical expenses, stamp duty charge, administration expenses and etc. Additional Features or Riders A Policy loan facility can be availed, provided it does not exceed 90% of the policy’s Special Surrender Value at the year end of the relevant policy year. If the policyholder makes the premium payments for a minimum of 3 years and subsequently does not pay premiums thereafter, then the benefits under the policy shall be reduced proportionate which is called Reduced Paid-up Value. Reinstatement of a lapsed policy is possible if the policyholder submits a written request for reinstatement within a timeframe of two years from the date of the lapse. Sufficient evidence of insurability has to be provided to the company, and all due premiums and interest accumulated have to be paid at the time of reinstatement. A surrendered policy is not eligible for reinstatement. Exclusions Suicide: If the insured commits suicide within the first 12 months, then the company shall refund 80% of the premiums to his family. And, if the insured commits suicide, within 1 year of plan renewal, then the higher of the Surrender Value and 80% of the premiums paid till death shall be paid to the nominees of the insured.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are the conditions of policy termination? The policy is subject to terminate immediately under the following conditions: On payment of the surrender benefit On expiry of 2 years from the date of policy lapse due to the failure of premium payments, where the policy has not been reinstated and the policy has not acquired any Paid-Up value. On death of the insured On plan maturity Q. How are the taxes applicable under this plan? All taxes are applicable under this plan are subject to any changes of the tax laws of Income Tax Act. Q. What is the Reduced Paid-Up value on death? If the insured fails to pay his regular premiums for atleast 3 years, then the policy acquires a paid up value and is eligible for Reduced Paid-Up Value. The death benefits with Reduced Paid-Up value shall be the sum assured on death multiplied by the ratio of the number of premium installments paid to the total number of installment premium payable. Additionally, the Simple Reversionary Bonus will also be paid, if any. Q. What is the Reduced Paid-Up value on maturity? If the insured survives till the maturity date, then the minimum guaranteed Sum Assured as on maturity shall be multiplied by the ratio of the number of premium installments paid to the total number of premium installments payable. Additionally, Simple Reversionary Bonus will also be paid, if any. PNB Metlife India Insurance Launches New Product Offering Coverage to 35 Critical Illnesses for 10 Years PNB Metlife Launches its First Health Insurance Product Corporation Bank Fixed Deposit Plans
PNB Metlife Bachat Yojana – Benefits
Maturity Benefits: If the insured survives till the maturity date, the he shall receive the Base Sum Assured plus accrued Simple Reversionary Bonus plus Terminal Bonus. Death Benefits: In the event of the passing away of the person insured, Higher of, Death Sum Assured + Accrued Reversionary Bonus + Terminal Bonus Or 105% of Premiums Paid. Simple Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus are added to the policy from the start of the third policy year and continue until maturity. Tax benefits are eligible under sections 80(C) and 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act on purchase of the plan and the premiums paid for it.
Documents Required
Below are the documents which are required to be insured under MetLife Bachat Yojana Plan: Duly filled Application form/Proposal form Age Proof Bank Account Proof Residential Proof Other KYC documents; PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Tax Details etc Past Medical History **The documents required are subject to the plan options and the sum assured chosen. You may also like to read: PNB – MetLife Investment Plans