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of car insurance owners want to save premium and keep best coverage benefits..

A smart customer is in a constant hunt for discounts which will reduce the burden on his pocket. If you are one among them then here are a few tips that will help you get discount and save money on premium value of your car insurance, Get Discounts, Save Money, Buy Smart

Drive Less=Pay Less Premium

Policy holders who drives less then 10000 k.m per year, in Singapore 600000 policy holders pay excess premium to subsidize policy holder who drives more then 10000 k.m mileage, so it is time to pay what you drive.raditional car insurance is unfair to low usage drivers. The number one risk indicator for drivers is how often theyre on the road. So if youre already driving less, you should really start paying less, IOT-OBD device will capture the k.m driven and transmit to insurer to asses your usage and provide quote based past usage details

No claim bonus
No claim bonus

NCD Protector

The No Claim Discount protector is an extension of your car insurance policy. It protects your NCD status -it allows you to make a claim under your policy without losing your NCD status. This benefits is only available to you if your NCD is 50% some insurers allow their customers to add on this benefits if their NCD is 40%

Dual Year Policy

Instead of paying annually for car insurance,Dual year policy is win-win proposition for drivers, for insurers it means a lower customer acquisition cost, which translates into cost savings that can be passed to customers

Dual Year Policy

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