Cholamandalam Car Insurance Overview
Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Compant Ltd (Chola MS) is a joint venture between an Indian company, Murugappa Group and a Japanese insurance company, the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company. The Murugappa Group with its headquarters located in Chennai is one of India’s biggest industrial houses. The Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company is an expert in insurance and is the third largest property insurance company in Japan. Cholamandalam Insurance is a rapidly growing insurance provider in India. It started operations in India in the year 2001 and has over 100 branches located all over the country. Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company was awarded the best insurance company in India for ‘In time claims settlement for the year 2011 – 2012’. The car insurance offered by Chola MS can be categorised as being under Motor Insurance. These car insurance plans are offered by Cholamandalam MS with extra additions that may increase the scope of coverage of a customers’ car. The additions or extensions are added to the car insurance plan solely at the discretion of the customer.
Features and benefits of Chola MS Car Insurance plans
Let us take a closer and more detailed look at the features and benefits of the car insurance plans provided by Chola MS General Insurance. These features and benefits are discussed below: Chola MS car insurance policy plans are provided to their customers very quickly and with minimal amount of time and effort spent, and with minimum documentation as well Potential customers of Chola MS face very little problems in applying for a car insurance from the company. In fact, the process of applying for the car insurance plan has probably never been easier, as today a new car insurance may be bought online just by visiting the company website and applying for the same. The new customer will not even need to submit documents for verifications. Similar to buying new car insurance online, old customers of Chola MS do not face any hassles in renewing an existing car insurance policy with Chola MS. The old customers have to simply log on to the company website and fill in the details. With a few clicks, the cholamandal car insurance renewal will occur. Chola MS Insurance has a certified chain of workshops/garages, all over the country that provide hassle-free and cashless settlement to its customers Cholamandalam Insurance takes pride in the fact that they provide claim assistance facility to their customers on all days of the week and even at all hours, i.e., 24*7. Such a claim may not be boasted by many insurance companies and Chola MS is proud to be available to its customers at any time of the day and night Customers of Chola MS may opt for Add-on covers under their car insurance plans. These covers are opted for by customer who wish enhance the coverage and protection of their car insurance plan
Additional features and benefits provided by Cholamandalam Car Insurance Plans
Chola MS Car Insurance has a network of over 600 plus garages spread all across the country. The advantage of using these particular garages within the network is that claims at these authorized garages are completely cashless. Chola MS car insurance provides a discount on premiums if the customer installs an anti-theft device as well as voluntary deductibles. For those insured customer who have memberships with recognized automobile associations, Chola MS provides discounts on their cash insurance policies. A customer may be entitled to a No-Claims Bonus when they have a series of claim-free years. This No-Claims Bonus is only permitted when the car is insured with Chola MS for an entire year without any breaks. The No-Claims Bonus is allowed when the customer renews his or her car policy plan within 89 days of the expiry of the previous policy. A Daily Allowance cover may be opted for where a fixed amount of Rs.500 or Rs.1,000 is provided to the insured person per day (up to 5 days) to pay for hired transport during the period his or her vehicle is under repairs. Reinstatement Value cover where Cholamandalam Car Insurance claims can be made for the original amount paid i.e. the invoice value (adjusted for registration charges and road tax). No deductions will be made towards depreciation on parts that are repaired. There is a Personal Luggage Cover where an amount of up to Rs.10,000 per policy period for loss of personal luggage locked inside the car during the accident/fire. CARE i.e. Chola Assistance for Roadside Emergencies, in this assistance is provided in case of fuel shortage/ breakdowns/flat tyres/battery recharge and other on-site repairs as outlined in the CARE plan.
Advantages of availing Cholamandalam car insurance plans
Chola MS is a rapidly growing insurance provider in India, it strives to become a trusted leader in the insurance industry; it provides simple yet innovative solutions for various types of insurance. company was awarded the best insurance company in India for ‘In time claims settlement for the year 2011 – 2012’. Thus, it is easy to understand the commitment that Chola MS places on claim settlement and how efficient its processes are. A point to be stressed is that car insurance is a prerequisite insurance for all car owners. It is of paramount importance as it protects the customer against damages when his or her car is involved in an accident. The Chola MS Car Insurance plan is an ideal plan for those customers who are searching for car insurance that will be provided in a hassle-free manner, by a company that aims to settle all claims quickly and efficiently and by a company that provides customer support that is responsive and helpful. Given below are the advantages and benefits of buying car insurance plans from Chola MS: Customers will be pleased to find that subscribing to a new car insurance plan from Chola MS or renewing an old one is a hassle-free process. Chola MS aims to make the application process as smooth and easy as possible. The Chola MS insurance plan may be purchased online through quick and easy application process. The potential customer just has to visit the company’s website and choose ‘car insurance’ tab under which car insurance plan is offered. With a few clicks of a button and by providing the necessary details, the potential customer will find that they have purchased a new car insurance plan from Chola MS without any hassles and wastage of time. The Chola MS car insurance is a comprehensive car insurance that provides protection and covers both third party legal liability and own damage liability under the single plan. Moreover, the customer has access to additional covers that enhance the protection; some of these additional covers are free but other additions require the customer to pay an additional premium to extend coverage. Customers may choose to enhance their protection by adding on add-on covers that are available such as Depreciation cover, Invoice Price Cover, Medical expenses cover, etc. Chola MS General Insurance has an authorized network of garages all across the country, which provides the facility of cashless settlements. A customer of the Chola MS car insurance may be entitled to a No-Claims Bonus if they have a series of claim-free years. The percentage of this No-Claims Bonus is dependent on how many years the car insurance has gone claim-free; the discounted percentage amount can go up to 50%. If a customer is transferring an existing car insurance policy to Chola MS for the first time, then the company will make sure to retain the number of claim-free years that has accumulated under the previous policy. Cholamandalam Insurance gives the facility of 24*7 customer support, thereby ensuring that all their customer queries and concerns are taken care of as efficiently and quickly as possible.
Cholamandal Car Insurance: Scope of coverage
The scope of coverage for car insurance plans that are offered by Chola MS provides protection against the following contingencies: Loss or damage that occurs to the car due to man-made causes like burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity. Chola MS car insurance plans provide a third party legal liability cover. This cover that is provided includes legal protection from death or injury claims from third parties due to damages causing a permanent injury or death of a person. It also covers damage caused to the surrounding property including occupants of the vehicle, cost and expenses incurred without the prior consent of the company and personal accident benefits for the proposer, paid driver and the occupants of the vehicle. Any loss or damage to the car that occurs as a result of natural calamities like fire, explosion, earthquake, self-ignition or lightning, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide and rockslide. Damage that occurs to the car while it is in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air will be covered