Liberty Two Wheeler Insurance Overview
With the advancement in technology for two wheeler the vulnerability of accidents has gone up as well. Thus a protection plan is a mandatory need for all those who uses two wheeler for various purposes. The scope of insurance plans also has to be at the same level which can take care of any unfortunate loss or damage that might happen to the vehicle. For this very purpose Liberty Two wheeler insurance plan are the most apposite solution to be prepared for such situations and eventualities. Liberty offers a comprehensive two wheeler insurance cover covering wide array of any misfortune events. The two wheeler insurance Plans offers protection against liabilities that could arise out of third party issues as well as against other expenses that one may incur as a vehicle owner.
General Exclusions under the Liberty Bike Insurance
The Liberty Two Wheeler plans shall not extend its benefit for below mentioned casespul styletext-align justify liFor any loss or damage occurred outside the geographic area mentioned in the plan coverage No claim shall be accepted.li liNo compensation shall be paid for any loss or damage which has happened as a direct or consequential effect of contractual agreement.li liNo compensation shall be paid as per plan benefit in case the death or injury has occurred when the insurer is inebriated.li liIn the event of death or injury wherein the driver is found driving the Vehicle without a valid driving license.li liNo separate claim shall be reimbursed for any Damage to tyrestubes. However this exception shall not be applicable for cases where the insured two wheeler is also damaged in the same accident.li liThe maximum quantum of compensation could be up to 50% of actual cost incurred towards replacement of such parts.li liSelf inflicted injury or suicide or driving under the influence of narcotics drugs or alcohol is not covered or even as a part of war or terrorismli liNormal wear and tear of the vehicle and depreciationli ulp styletext-align justifystrongMost Important Terms & conditions for Liberty Two Wheeler Insurance Plans