Domestic Travel Insurance
Travelling is always fun, and with all this fun, comes an element of uncertainty and risk. What if you face a medical emergency in a completely new city in the event of delayed or cancelled flight or lost baggage? We often realize that they do need to have travel insurance when traveling abroad, but we tend to overlook this need when traveling within India as well. Contingencies do not come with a prior notice and your journey, whether abroad or within India, does entail potential risks. Make sure to have a pleasant and relaxing journey and stay in your home country. Domestic Travel Insurance provides you with the assurance that you will not have to bear out-of-pocket expense so as to manage and cope with unforeseen hassles. With this assurance come peace of mind and a feeling of security. Features of Domestic Travel Insurance in India It covers the individual policyholder It is available only for the people above 18 years of age and below 65 years of age It is a cheap and hassle-free way to be prepared for eventualities when travelling in your own country It provides coverage against the loss of travel tickets and passport The coverage is offered for a period of one year and up to the limit of sum insured Covers the expenses due to the delay in flight and the missed connecting flight Provides a coverage for all the expenses incurred on repatriation and emergency evacuation costs will be covered Bears the loss or damage to someones property, that you are liable for Covers the emergency medical costs and expenses for anesthetic dental treatment Provides complete coverage against total loss of accompanied baggage Eligibility for Buying Domestic Travel Insurance Any Indian travelling within the country is eligible to buy travel insurance. Any national from another country, traveling in India or working with a permit in India can also buy this travel plan. Some of the major providers of travel insurance policies in India areBajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, Tata AIG Travel Insuranceand many more. The eligibility age is usually between 18 to 65 years and varies from plan to plan. The coverage provided by the insurer depends upon numerous factors such as you’re the destination you are travelling to, medical conditions, the duration of your trip and many more. Buying the best domestic travel insurance in India is certainly a necessity; because all the while you travel you are surrounded by risk and uncertainties.
Exclusions in Domestic Travel Insurance
Besides understanding what all is covered under domestic travel insurance, it is also important to know the exclusions. Domestic travel insurance does not provide coverage for any pre-existing medical criticalities and related complications. Any form of self-inflicted illness or injury, suicide attempt, non-adherence to medical advice of the doctor, and HIV/AIDS are also not covered under the policy. Situations arising out of an act of terrorism or war are also excluded. Any harm to the insured due to drugs abuse, the influence of alcohol, and voluntary participation in hazardous activities and criminal acts is also not covered under this travel insurance plan. Non-medical expenses are not covered If the insured is traveling against his/her doctors advice If traveling for medical treatment or detected with a terminal ailment The accident caused due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs Self-initiated harm, suicide, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, mental disorder like stress, anxiety, depression etc. If the insured is a member of Armed Forces and has not mentioned it earlier If the insured is a part of any criminal activities, civil commotion, riot etc. Any damage happened due to the participation in adventure activities or water sport, mountaineering, bungee jumping, scuba diving, race, hang gliding etc. No insurance is offered for the damage due to caving, hunting, horse-riding, surfing, rafting, canoeing, underwater sports etc.
Coverage under Domestic Travel Insurance
Majorly all the insurers provide a medical or accident cover, cancellation or delay cover, and lost or damaged baggage cover. These travel insurance covers are useful especially when your flight is unduly delayed due to any reasons or when you are travelling with valuable or expensive assets in your baggage. There are also various covers, such as covers for that particular trip, family covers, or frequent business covers available in the market Let us look at some commonly provided covers under domestic travel insurance: 1. Medical or Accident cover This cover helps to deal with the expenses incurred due to medical emergencies or accident during the trip. This cover is extremely beneficial; especially if you do not have a medical cover or have one, but with a limited cover. 2. Flight cancellation or delay From unpredictable weather conditions to technical glitches, there can be numerous reasons for a flight delay. Along with being troublesome, it can also cause additional burden on your shoulders due to a missed connecting flight. In such circumstances, the insurer covers you against the expenses incurred due to the delay or cancellation. 3. Lost baggage Although most of the airlines have policies to provide compensation for the lost baggage, still the loss of baggage in transit is a fear of every traveler. In such circumstances, lost baggage cover under this travel insurance, gives you peace of mind and a feeling of security. It goes some way in ensuring that at least the cost of your belongings is recovered; if not value. 4. Personal liability This is a newly introduced cover that is not offered by many but some insurers. It provides coverage against accidental damage to a third party’s property and is your liability. This type of cover is especially beneficial if you are travelling with kids. Read in Detail About Coverage under Domestic Travel Insurance
How to Claim Your Domestic Travel Insurance
You can claim your travel insurance by following a few simple steps. Some insurance companies offer instant settlement over the phone while others may require you to fill out a claim form, produce relevant documents, witness and so on. The claim process depends on the type of claim and how you present it. We advise, keep it straight to cover the payment. The best part is that with the Internet booming so fast, you can make a claim online as well offline, i.e. by visiting your insurer’s office. Let’s take an example of flight cancellation or delay. A flight delay is the most annoying situation that you may face during your travel and may lead to an extra financial burden on you as you miss the connecting flights and hotel accommodations, or sometimes, important business meets. Buying another ticket is not everyone’s cup of tea all of a sudden. Here, travel insurance comes to your rescue. The insurer recompenses the entire interruptions, provided you have to produce a valid proof of your claim or a certificate from the airline that you were supposed to travel, validating your claim. Myths about Domestic Travel Insurance People often do not realize the necessity of travel insurance and consider it as a block on their liquidity. There are many misconceptions that prevent people from investing in domestic travel plans in India. Mentioned below are a few myth busters to make you understand the need and importance of travel insurance. 1. Flying Time People usually have a misconception about not having a need of travel insurance if their flight duration is small. Miss happenings or emergencies do not depend upon the duration of your flight; it is just a matter of a few seconds. Delay in your flight, leading to a miss of your connecting flight Cancellation of your flight, leaving you troubled Theft or misplacement of your baggage Medical emergency while on the flight All of these eventualities have no relation with your flight duration. Buying travel insurance is the only way to face and tackle these circumstances. An appropriate travel insurance plan can be your financial support in such circumstances and save you from stress. 2. Expensive Plans As misinterpret by most people, domestic travel insurance is not expensive. If you understand the need and benefits, it wouldn’t seem expensive to you any further. The best part being, nowadays you have numerous insurers and an array of customizable plans available in the market. You can definitely choose a plan as per your requirements and affordability. 3. Complicated Process Gone are the days when the process of buying and renewing insurance policies was cumbersome. Most of the insurance companies facilitate online purchase of policies and excellent post-sales assistance as well. Apart from buying and renewing your plan online, you can also file a claim online. 4. Claim Settlement Mostly, as a result of mis-selling, people face challenges in claiming the right amount when in need. To prevent the same you should: Never rely blindly on the agent Buy your policy online so that you can be sure about the accuracy of the information that you provide Compare wisely and then buy Read the policy documents carefully before investing How Does PolicyBazaar Help You? Buying domestic travel insurance from PolicyBazaar is beneficial in the following benefits: Compare insurance quotes to make an ideal choice You can choose a plan in accordance with your key requirement Policy benefits and coverage can be fully transparent Quick comparison of various features of various plans concurrently Effortlessly buy the most efficient policy as per your needs Easy and quick online insurance shopping Assurance of safety and end-to-end assistance Domestic travel insurance not only provides safety assurance in terms of finance but also provides peace of mind. PolicyBazaar provides you with a global platform to make an efficient choice and that too within your budget.