Eicher Polaris Car Insurance
Eicher Polaris is a joint venture between Eicher Motors and Indian arm of Polaris industries. Both these companies came together to design, develop, manufacture and sell personal utility vehicles in India and other emerging markets. This joint venture helped Eicher Motors to enter into a new vehicle segment. Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd. has its manufacturing and assembling facilities at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Vehicles in the Indian market Eicher Polaris Multix: Multix is a personal utility vehicle and is termed as 3 in 1 vehicle. It can carry five persons, can carry cargo up to 400 litres and generates 3 kilowatts of electricity and can be used as power generator. Its adjustable seats can be used to create extra room for business trips. Combine this with a bump-free ride, and youve got comfort like never before. Its body is highly durable and damage-resistant. Its tubular frame is built to withstand most hits, bumps and bangs.