Family Health Protector Policy
Introduction “Nothing is worth your health and family.” This policy provides protection to you and your family against healthcare expenses. Your whole family can be covered under this policy including your spouse, dependent children, parents, brother in law, sister in law, nephew, niece, brother, sister or any other relative. Key Features Room rents are paid on the basis of class of cities. For class A cities, room rents are payable up to 1.5% of sum insured and in case of class B cities, room rent is paid up to 1.25% of sum insured. Domiciliary hospitalization has a sublimit of 20% of sum insured. ICU charges are covered up to 2.5% for Class A cities and for Class B it is payable up to 2% of sum insured.
Product Specification
Policy Details Policy period: This policy is issued for one year. Coverage: Whole family can be covered under this policy. Documents Required The proposer has to sign an application form to buy this policy. Medical history is not compulsory but can be asked by insurance company in some situations. Eligibility Criteria Proposer has to be in the age slab of 18 years to 65 years. Under one policy, coverage can be provided to the whole family. Inclusions It covers the fees of medical practitioners like surgeon, anesthetist etc. Vitamins and tonics forming part of treatment are covered. Once the claim is settled the sum insured is again reinstated by deducting premium from the claim amount. This is applicable for all the policies with a basic sum insured of 3 lacs and above.
Cumulative bonus can be availed from 5% to 50% on claim free renewals. 121 surgical procedures are covered. Cost of health check will be reimbursed after a block of 4 years up to a limit of 1% of sum insured.
Any illness or disease contracted due to intake of alcohol or other addictive substances will not be covered. Co-payment: In case of claims following table will be applicable.