Fidelity’s mutual funds

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Fidelity investments, a well-known financial services provider around the globe, headquartered in Boston, U.S. offers the best investment solutions to its customers by providing them with financial expertise that is useful as well as effective in order to meet their different goals.

Fidelity’s mutual fund was established in 1946, which is diverted into two different operations. The 1st is a group of mutual fund products. The second, Fidelity Management & Research Company, offers investment advice related to all Fidelity funds to the investors. With its operations across the world, it has a good reputation in the investment market in India.

Mutual Funds offered by Fidelity Investment

Naturally, Fidelity Investments Company offers a wide range of product, which covers different type of investments options and has a good performance rate across the board. There are altogether 18 Fidelity mutual funds that are rated five-star by Morningstar in December 2015. Out of 18 Fidelity funds, nine are entirely the equity schemes that have no bond exposure, and another 4 mutual funds are a blend of bonds and stocks.

5 of the total 18 Fidelity five-star mutual funds ranked in the top 5% schemes available in the market for its annual performance. Out of those 5 five funds, there are 3 equity schemes:

  • The Fidelity Select IT Services Portfolio Fund
  • The Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio Fund
  • The Fidelity Select Biotechnology Fund

The Fidelity Select Biotechnology Fund and the Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio Fund both ranked among the top 1% in the mutual fund market for 3-year to 10-year performance. According to Morningstar methodology, these 2 mutual funds schemes are the strongest and hence the best equity funds offered by Fidelity Investment Company.

Fidelity mutual fund is one of the only income funds, which has got a five-star rating for a lifetime and ranked amongst top 5% of the total mutual funds available in the market within a year. Even though the Fidelity Michigan Municipal Income Fund has never ranked in the top 1% for its performance, it has earned impressive rankings in the top 3% (3-year), top 6% (5-year), and top 3% (10-year) on the performance basis.

Why Fidelity Mutual Funds?

Fidelity Mutual Funds schemes offer investors with loads of benefits. Read some of the important benefits below:

  • There is no transaction fees or load on purchase of mutual funds
  • It has a global network of 350 researchers
  • The company owns one of the biggest research departments in the mutual fund industry.
  • This offers free assistance related to portfolio analysis
  • Resources required for fund managers to look after different sectors and region are available
  • It offers the best solutions in investment management, portfolio guidance, retirement planning, brokerage, and more.
  • It is catering to more than 20 million investors across the globe.
  • Nearly 5000 financial agents are there to provide better investment-related solutions.

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