Future Travel Suraksha Introduction/Overview
Critical risks arise while on a national/international trip. Expenses for medical treatment, flight cancellations, emergency medical evacuation, or lost luggage are just a few of the common costs that could arise when you are on business trips. Hospitalization & medical expenses in foreign currency can be very expensive. Future Generalis Future Travel Suraksha covers you for all medical eventualities, and other travel associated contingencies with nominal premium rates. Now tread the globe and make it a memorable trip without worrying about the expenses against unforeseen hassles.
Cashless and hassle-free Claims Settlement in network hospitals. A reputed claims turn around time of less than fourteen working days. The plan covers provides you a cover on all legal liabilities if the traveler causes any bodily injury or property damage to any third party whilst on an insured trip. Future Generali has collaborated with reputed overseas assistance companies to render policy services abroad. Ease and convenience of purchase n Instant policy issuance. Travel Assist Services (provided by Europe assist) Pre-trip information Embassy referral Lost luggage assistance Lost passport assistance Arrangement of hotel accommodation Details about Premium *The above premium rates may change. Please see the policy wordings for more information. Policy Details Coverage type: Individual/Family Grace period: Grace Period of 30 days for renewing the policy is provided under this policy. Policy termination: In case of any early return of the insured person prior to expiry of the policy period, the company will refund premium at the following rates subject to no claims being incurred on the policy. Free look period: The insured will be allowed a period of at least 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy to review the terms and conditions of the policy and to return the same if not acceptable. Exclusions Any illness or disease contracted due to intake of alcohol or other addictive substances will not be covered. Treatments consisting of non-allopathic medicine are not covered under this policy. Hospitalization due to war or an act of war or due to a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon and radiation of any kind. Pre-existing diseases and outpatient treatments will not be covered under this policy. Expenses arising from HIV and AIDS treatments. Traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner.
Key Features
The policy consists of the following sections: SECTION A: Medical Care SECTION B: Travel Inconvenience SECTION C: Personal Care SECTION D: Personal Accident SECTION E: Special Care SECTION F: Legal Liability Separate policies for worldwide travel and Asia travel. This insurance policycovers you against all emergency expenses incurred in any part of the world (excluding Japan & Korea in All Asia plan). Travelers with an age beyond 65 years will have to take up a medical screening before getting entitled for the plan. Hospitalization expenses for accident or illness also including medical evacuation. Loss/Delay of checked baggage by an international airline.
Documents Required
The original ticket/ boarding pass or a copy of the passport indicating the travel dates must be submitted with every claim, along with the completed claim form. The original bills and vouchers must be submitted along with all claims. For Medical Expenses: Medical Practitioners Consultation notes, Original admission/ discharge card, Original Bills/ receipts with prescriptions and diagnostic/ investigative reports, Copy of passport/ visa with entry and exit stamp Copy of the ticket and boarding pass. For reimbursement of the costs towards Repatriation of the mortal remains to the Republic of India or of the costs of burial abroad: Official death certificate. Medical Practitioner’s statement giving the cause of death needs to be submitted. Original bills/ receipts of the expenses incurred. For reimbursement of expenses of Your Emergency Medical Evacuation: medical statement from an attending Medical Practitioner indicating the cause of illness and the necessity of the transportation Original bills/ receipts of the expenses. For reimbursement of expenses of Your Loss of Checked-in Baggage: Property Irregularity Report or other report usually issued by the carriers in the event of loss of checked-in baggage. Letter from the airline need to be submitted stating the compensation received from them for the lost baggage. Adequate proof of ownership of items contained within checked-in baggage valued in excess of the Indian Rupee equivalent of USD 100 for loss/ delay of checked-in baggage. For reimbursement of expenses of Your Delay of Checked in Baggage: details of items purchased during the delay period, copies of baggage tags, copies of correspondence with airline authorities certifying, along with details of compensation received from airlines/ other authorities (if any), Property Irregularity Report (obtained from airline), Original Bills/ receipts/ invoices connected to expenses incurred/ purchases made during the delay period, Copy of the passport/ visa with entry & exit stamp. For reimbursement of expenses of Your Loss of passport: Police Report obtained within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft. Bills/ receipts of expenses incurred in obtaining a new/ fresh passport. With Rs 60.29 cr in Revenues, Future Generali Net Worth increases by 50% in FY 15 New MD, CEO of Future Generali – Munish Sharda.