Gold Rate in Goa: Today 10g of 22 Carat Gold Price: 1 August2019

Gold Rate in Goa

What Is The Importance Of Gold In The History Of Goa?

Goa has a rich history, and gold plays a prominent role in it. The Kadambas ruled Goa in the twelfth century and were one of the first rulers to issue gold coins. Goa was also home to the first Portuguese Mint set up by Afonso Albuquerque following complaints from merchants about the scarcity of currency in that area. Gold coins called gold cruzados along with silver and bronze coins were issued by this mint.

How is Gold Purchased in Goa?

Gold still has significant importance in this cosmopolitan city. Gold is purchased in the form of jewelry as well as for investment purposes. Gold rates in Goa determine the trade in gold in electronic form through sports contracts, futures contracts and exchange traded funds.

What Are The Factors Impacting Gold Rates In Goa?

Gold prices in Goa are influenced by the international gold prices, exchange rates between the dollar and rupee and the government levied import duties. Since the gold prices in Goa are quite volatile, todays gold rate in Goa must be checked before taking any trading decisions.

    • Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Goa (INR)
      • Gram22 Carat Gold
        22 Carat Gold
        Daily Price Change
        1 gram₹ 3,265₹ 3,265
        8 gram₹ 26,120₹ 26,120
        10 gram₹ 32,650₹ 32,650
        ₹ 0
        100 gram₹ 3,26,500₹ 3,26,500
        ₹ 0

Gold Rate in Goa

Gold is of great significance in Goa because Goa is a state which has a culturally mixed population of Indians and Europeans. This states economy and trade is affected by the foreign influence on this state. This city is not just about the scenic beauty and exotic beaches.

Historical Significance of Gold in Goa

Gold is of great importance in the history of Goa. In the early 12th century, Kadambas were ruling over Goa, and they issued gold coins in this state. Gold coins along with silver and bronze coins here in the 16th century. Even today the retail and trade market is very affected by the trade of gold. Therefore, gold price in Goa is of a lot of significance.

Storing of Gold in Goa

The residents of Goa have a special fondness with gold jewelry and ornaments and the investors in Goa see gold as a safe asset.

Gold price movement in Goa

Today gold price in Goa is varying with its purity. 22 carat and 24 carat gold are the most important ones in Goa.

Gold as an Investment in Goa

The following are the gold avenues in Goa:

Over the Counter: This is the most common way of investing in gold in Goa. People buy gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars, etc. from Jewelers. Pushpak, Muthoot and Pentagon are a few of the many dealers that sell gold bullion in Goa. Malabar gold and Tanishq are the other two famous Jewelers of Goa. Because of the active tourism industry of Goa, there is a lot of demand from the foreigners for gold.

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