Gold Rate in guwahati: Today 10g of 22 Carat Gold Price: 1 August 2019

Gold Rate in Guwahati

Guwahati, one of the largest and fastest growing cities of Assam, has a historically strong connection with the yellow metal. The gold rates in Guwahati escalate during the festive days of Dhantras and Diwali due to the high demand for this auspicious metal during festivities and celebrations.

The increased business opportunities, as well as the growth of industry in Guwahati, has led to an increase in disposable incomes which lead to the citizens of Guwahati looking for gold purchases for traditional as well as investment purchases regardless of the gold rates in Guwahati.

Gold ETFs, e-gold and all other gold derivatives are not as popular as physical gold but are getting traction as investors realize the liquidity and ease facilitated by the former.

To calculate todays gold rate in Guwahati one has to take into consideration the international gold rates, the dollar-rupee rate of exchange and the import duties. The gold rates in Guwahati are quite volatile and hence todays gold rates in Guwahati must be checked before buying or selling gold or related instruments.

Gold Rate in Guwahati

Guwahati is the largest and most rapidly growing city of Assam.

Historical Significance of Gold in Guwahati

Guwahati has a connection with gold that goes back centuries. It is considered a central hub for gold lovers especially during the festive season of Diwali and Dhanteras. People from the nearby towns and cities of Assam also flock to Guwahati to buy gold. Therefore, the demand for gold is quite high in Guwahati.

Gold Price Movement in Guwahati

The gold price in Guwahati depends on the international market gold rates. Today gold price in Guwahati is constantly varying with the political and economic situation in the country. When it comes to investment, gold is the easiest and most convenient way for the people of Guwahati.

Gold as an Investment in Guwahati

The people of Guwahati invest in gold in many ways:

Over The Counter- Gold jewelry, gold bars, gold coins and gold bullion are the most common modes of gold investments in Guwahati. Banks and dealers offer several types of gold products according to the residents budget. GS Road in Guwahati is the hub of gold jewelers. Dealers like Manikchand Jewellers offer a wide range of gold products to their customers.

Gold ETF and Market Trade: 1 ETF equals to 1 gram of gold. Exchange Trade Funds are special mutual funds that invest in gold. Because of the ease of investing and high liquidity, ETFs have become a popular way of investing in gold in Guwahati.

Gold jewelry is a favorite for the residents of Guwahati. Gold coins, bars, ETFs and E-gold, have started gaining popularity recently.