Health insurance for women is need of the hour

Health insurance for women is need of the hour

A few years ago mainstream media started recognising this growing breed of superwomen. These were your everyday women, seen in every house who juggled different roles and responsibilities with efficiency and panache. She is at the same time a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, employee, colleague, home-maker, commuter, earner, and consumer. Juggling these multiple roles is a daily routine and a delicate balancing act that leaves her with very little time to focus on the most important role of all – herself.But what is this superwoman avatar doing to the normal woman?According to a study conducted by industry body ASSOCHAM, 80% working women in India are suffering from lifestyle, chronic or acute ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes,diabetes, hypertension, depression, obesity and backache.The pressure of having to balance personal and professional lives has been identified as the primary culprit for this alarming state of her health.Minor wellbeing concerns, if overlooked, can snowball into significant wellbeing challenges later.

Apart from lifestyle diseases that afflict everyone, women also have to grapple with illnesses like breast cancer, spine ailments, anemia and calcium deficiency-fuelled bone disorders that are either women-specific diseases or show a high level of occurrence in women. Pregnancy and post-natal care, as well, call for extraordinary care and alertness as they can lead to more complications.

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