Health Suraksha Top Up Insurance
HDFC ERGO Health Insurance provide various health plans,HDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance is one of them.“A little effort goes a long way”. Health Suraksha top up plan is like cherry on the top of your current plan. It provides extra coverage on your present health insurance plan on paying a small premium. It enhances your current plan and gives you an improved policy. Click Here To Read About HDFC Health Insurance Key Features ofHDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance Policy It runs parallel to your current plan by enhancing your coverage or sum insured. It covers pre and post hospitalization expenses. Medical expenses of 140 day care (which do not require 24 hours hospitalization) treatments are covered. This cover will start once the deductible (expense which is incurred by the insured before the insurer starts paying) amount is exhausted. Cashless services can be availed in case of emergency.
Product Specification
There are different sum insured available under this policy. Different sum insured options are: 2 lacs, 3lacs, 4lacs, 5 lacs.7.5 lacs and 10 lacs. Premium amount will depend on the age and sum insured chosen by the proposer. There are different deductibles available that can be chosen by the proposer. Deductible is an amount that is incurred by a policyholder. For example: Policy holder has chosen a deductible amount of Rs 1 lac on sum insured of 10 lacs. Suppose claim occurs for Rs 3 lac in that case 1 lac rupees will be incurred by insured and Rs 2 lac will be incurred by insurance company. Deductible and premium table is as follows for a sum insured amount of Rs 10 lac (for individual): Similarly coverage is available for family and different sum insured. So premium for other sum insured will depend on age, deductible and coverage (whether individual or family members also covered). Policy Details ofHDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance Plan Minimum sum insured: Rs 2, 00,000 Maximum sum insured: Rs 10, 00,000 Policy period: There are two policy periods available for this policy. Proposer can either choose one year or two year as policy period. Free look period: If the policy holder is not happy with the terms and conditions of policy, he/she can cancel the policy giving the reason for cancellation of policy. Policy can be withdrawn within 15 days from the date of commencement. Grace period: If the payment is due on renewal of the policy, grace period of 30 days is given to the policyholder to make the payment. Portability: Policy can be transferred from one insurer to another as per IRDA guidelines. Portability benefits will be given on the basis of previous policys sum insured.
Claims settlement is hassle free with less documents and turnaround time. Cumulative bonus: Sum insured is increased by 5 % on every claim free renewal and it can be increased up to 50% on continuous claim free renewals. In case of claim, cumulative bonus will be reduced by 5%. Income tax benefit can be availed under section 80D.
Documents Required
In order to purchase the policy, it is required to submit the duly filled proposal form alongwith the address proof. On the basis of sum insured and age, some insurers may ask for medical checkups also. Eligibility Criteria ForHDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance Children above 5 years can be covered provided their parents are also covered under this policy. The maximum age of entry is 65 years. Children of 91 days can be covered if parents are covered under this policy. Pre policy checkup is required for persons above 55 years of age. Inclusions inHDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance Plan Exclusions inHDFC Health Suraksha Top Up Health Insurance Policy: A waiting period of 30 days for claims, other than bodily injury. Expenses incurred for tonsils, surgery are not covered for the first two years of policy period. Pre-existing diseases are covered after 48 months of continuous coverage from the company. Claims for diseases like sexually transmitted diseases and vaccination are not covered.