CIN: U72900KA2018PTC110119

1. Insured Declared Value -Each bike has got total fixed value (current market value) which is called as Insured’s Declared Value (IDV). This IDV is calculated based on previous year IDV.IDV is very much important in case of Total damage of the vehicle. Fire, Theft, Natural calamities. This is why IDV has to be kept more while buying a policy. Your IDV defines your premium. The more IDV you chose the more compensation you get. IDV is depreciated every year as per the IRDA regulation. 2. Compensation types -Personal Accident Cover – Coverage for individual driver of the vehicle while travelling in bike, also there is option to cover co-passenger who is travelling in bike. Third-Party liability cover – Protection against legal liability due to accidental damages resulting from the permanent injury or death of person and damage caused to the property Own damage or comprehensive cover – Protection against the loss or damage of the insured bike.3. What type of policy is required before you start driving your bike? Before raiding your bike, it is mandatory for bike owners to have bike insurance policies and adhere to the motor vehicle act, at least a raider must have a third-party liability coverage policy. Otherwise, you will have to pay fine to cops. And also, you need to pay third-party damage costs from yourself for third-party damages in case of any unexpected events. 4. From whom you can buy a bike insurance policy? You can buy a bike insurance policy from the insurance company or insurance aggregators, agent or broker who is licensed by IRDA to provide policy advice and services. you can check IRDA for the website to validate who your buying from. 5. How to buy my bike insurance online? If you buy your bike insurance online you will get discounts and cashback offers. One most important thing you can save your time while doing your bike insurance renewal online. It’s better to compare and get a minimum of 3 different insurance companies quotes before buying the policy. Bike insurance online gives you quick and faster service from anywhere and any time.24*7. Buy a policy from insurance aggregator, also explore online aggregator you can get 3 quotes in 3 minutes. You can save your money and time. The bike insurance online process is very simple and fast. 6. What are the things I need to check after buying a bike insurance policy? Always check the start date of the policy, the end date of the policy, IDV value, exclusion of policy terms and conditions and insurer details. Take a digital copy of the policy. It will help you always while raiding you can show this proof if any authority asks for the proof of insurance.7 How to file a bike insurance claim and get my compensation? Base on accident type you must have the following documents to file a claim, 1. Copy of insurance policy, 2. First Information Report filed with the policy if any personal damages to you or third-party 3. Signed claim form 4. Copy of bike registration certificate 5. Copy of driving license 6. Medical receipts in case hospital expenses. With all these details call the insurance company or send an email with all these details and get a claim number for further process to your compensation.8. How to renew my bike insurance policy or bike insurance renewal. Before doing bike insurance renewal please check your current policy end date, if policy expired don’t have to do the inspection for some companies. It will be processed T+ 2. Means policy start date will be after 3 days from the date of payment. This applies only to the expired cases. Bike insurance renewal has to be done every year so that you will be getting no claim bonus every year. In this technological world, most insurance companies will help to do the bike insurance renewal via app and website to save their customers time.