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The L&T mutual fund is a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd., which is sponsored by L&T, Indias leading private sector with more than 130 subsidiaries and 15 associate companies. With its headquarter in Mumbai, L&T is well-known for offering a range of services, including financial services, manufactured goods, IT and engineering services. L&T Mutual Fund is one of the leading mutual fund companies in the country.

L&T Mutual Fund – Overview

Ranking amongst some of the best mutual fund companies in India, L&T Mutual Fund leaves no stones unturned to ensure maximum savings and minimum risks for its investors. With its relatively large pool of mutual fund schemes to choose from, L&T mutual fund investment makes sure of providing something for every kind of investor. Registered as a non-banking financial company under RBI, L&Ts Mutual Funds is known for its friendly team of well-trained and knowledgeable investment managers who ensure minimum risk and maximum returns for their investors. All in all, L&T is perhaps one of the best options available for anyone planning to invest in the mutual fund market in India.

Different Types of L&T Mutual Funds

The L&T mutual tax saver fund offers a wide range of mutual fund options to ensure something for investors with different risk appetite. Some of the bestselling and mostpopular mutual fund optionsoffered by L&T are:

  • L&T Equity Funds -This is an amazing investment option where investors can invest in stocks or equities. L&T equity funds allow investors to invest their money for short, medium or long-term as per their risk appetite. This mutual fund scheme ensures a relatively higher return for the investors as against other mutual fund options. L&T equity funds are best fit for investors who are ready for high-risk and are looking for long-term capital growth.
  • L&T Fixed Income Funds -This is a brilliant mutual fund option that allows investors to ensure a fixed flow of income by investing in bonds or certificates of deposits. This is perhaps the best investment instrument for those with a low-risk appetite and dependent on a regular stream of income.
  • L&T Hybrid Funds -Hybrid Funds are unique mutual fund option offered by L&T. This mutual fund option offers investors access to both equities and debt funds. Investors are required to invest 60% of their funds into equity-based hybrid funds.
  • L&T Funds of Funds -This mutual fund option by L&T allows users to invest in other mutual funds. This helps investors ensure diversification in their investment portfolio.

Why Should You Choose L&T Mutual Funds?

L&T Mutual Fund Scheme is one of the best ways to ensure lower risk and higher returns on your investments. L&T offers a wide portfolio of products for investors with both high and low-risk appetite. L&T makes sure of providing something for every sort of investor. In case, youre wondering why you should choose to invest in L&T tax saver mutual funds, check out these tempting reasons to know why:

  • L&T mutual funds Dividend Transfer Plan (DTP) makes it one of the best investment options available for investors today. This feature helps investor transfer their dividends to a different open-ended scheme.
  • The company makes it easy for investors to apply for these mutual funds both online and offline.
  • The company ensures minimum risk for the investors with low-cost funds.
  • It ensures maximum savings and high returns for investors with multi-scheme SIPs.
  • L&Ts top-up SIP feature is yet another feature that makes investors make maximum bangs for their bucks. This feature allows investors to start SIP in any scheme and subsequently increase the installment once or twice a year.

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