Protect unnecessary expenses with a personal accident insurance

What is a personal accident insurance?
Accidents are unexpected and sometimes maybe fatal. In such cases, you will have to spend a lot to recover and come back to normal. That is why you will need a general insurance personal accident quote. A personal accident insurance is very different from life and health insurance. The general insurance personal accident plan covers you during a severe accident or physical illness. Life and health insurance cover only after your death or form medical expenses. Unlike that, the best general insurance personal accident plan will help you with expenses after an accident. You tend to go out every day and probabilities of meeting with an accident could be more. So an online general insurance personal accident plan is essential for unexpected situations.
What are the benefits of personal accident insurance?
• Cheap premium rates: For a general insurance personal accident plan, the premium rates are low. So you can easily afford the insurance plan.
• No age limit: The best general insurance personal accident plan does not have any age limit. The rates of the premium are the same for all ages.
• Premium depends on job nature: In the insurance companies certified by IRDA, the premium for accident insurance is decided by your job, income and other conditions.
• Covers your family: Under a single personal accident insurance, you can include your family and children too. So this option can benefit your entire family and cover them during accidents.
• Accidental Death benefit: The general insurance personal accident quote also gives compensation in case of death caused by accidents. This makes your family financially secure.
• Accidental disability benefit: You may suffer a permanent or partial loss of body parts after an accident. The policy also covers such losses for you.
• General benefits: General insurance personal accident plan also covers educational expenses and home allowances. It includes funeral expenses, hospital charges and ambulance charges.
• Transportation benefit: Some insurance companies take care of the transportation benefits too. This helps you and your family members to reach the hospital under the insurance coverage itself.

Awareness about having insurance for personal accidents:
In India, the awareness about this general insurance personal accident plan is low. This is because of the primary usage of life insurance and health insurance. This is categorized under general insurance by IRDA unlike the primary life and health insurance. You must know these things about personal accident insurance.

• Only a personal accident insurance gives coverage against the accident-related expenses. Life and health insurance do no support this feature.
• Accidents are highly unexpected. Such fatal risks can be compensated with the general insurance personal accident quote.
• Most insurance companies have the compare general insurance personal accident plan for you to utilize.
• This is as essential as the motor insurance you have for your vehicle.
• However, injuries caused by wars, terror attacks and pre-existing disorders will not be covered by the policy. Injuries caused by the participation in adventures also will not be covered too. Read More

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