Protect your motorcycle and moped with a two wheeler insurance policy

An insurance plan taken to cover a motorcycle and the rider from uncertainties such as accidents and theft is known as a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.It is a mandatory motor insurance plan that seek to protect the policyholder in this case the rider from legal charges resulting from physical damage caused to the rider and their motorcycle by a third party. The best motorcycleinsurance policy protects your motorcycle and self from careless drivers or unforeseen natural calamities. Like any other motor insurance plan, it will help you meet emergency costs that may arise in case of a tragedy involving your moped and motorcycle.

In case of an accident or natural calamity, a policyholder will simply file a claim and the insurance company will swiftly settle the claim. Remember to compare insurance companies and to request motorcycle insurance quotes from as many provider as possible to ensure you get the best deal.

Types of two wheeler motor insuranceplans

A two wheeler insurance plan can either be

  1. Third party motorcycle insurance policy.

This category of insurance protects third parties from accident damages incurred. It compensates third parties for physical injuries incurred and even death.

  1. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy

In addition to third party damages cover, a two wheeler insurance policy covers damages incurred by the policyholder caused by external forces such as theft, fire and riots as well as natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

10things you should know about online two wheeler insurance plans

  • Two wheeler insurance is mandatory by Law. Riding without a valid insurance policy is illegal and is punishable by law.
  • Having an insurance plan gives you peace of mind as you will be financially prepared even for the worst case scenario.
  • Online two wheeler insurance companies allow you to compare insurance offers and premium rates for the best deals.
  • You get instant antwo wheeler insurance quoteonlinefrom as many insurance companies as you may require to make an informed decision
  • Two wheeler insurance policies are competitively priced and the premiums are affordable. Make sure you comparetwo wheeler insurance quotes for the best value for money.
  • The best two wheeler insurance companies promise quick, hassle-free settlements. This is ideal as it saves you money and time that you would rather spend elsewhere.
  • Compare two wheeler insurance providers and sign-up to one that provides convenience of having your two wheeler repaired at any network garages cashless. This is a great experience especially during an emergency.
  • Online two wheeler insurance companies provide an abundance of add-on covers that enhance your coverage at a premium. That is why it is important to compare motor insurance quote offers.
  • Applying and renewing your motorcycle insurance is instant and fast. In most cases without any need of paperwork.
  • Having an insurance cover protects you from financial losses that occur due to unforeseen accidents and legal liabilities that you may incur if sued due to an accident.

As an add-on, a personal accident cover keeps you protected from the ever rising medical costs that may arise due to an accident.


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