Reliance General Insurance
Overview Reliance General Insurance is an Indian private insurance company. It is a part of Reliance Group. The Gross Written Premium for the year ended 31 March 2018, was at ₹5,122 crores (US$788 million) with a distribution network composed of over 128 branches and more than 27,888 intermediaries.[1]Reliance General Insurance was incorporated on 17 August 2000. It received the license to conduct general insurance business in India from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) on 23 October 2000. Unlike most insurance companies, who have foreign partners, the firm is promoted solely by Reliance Capital.
Why Reliance General Insurance?
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Incurred Claims Ratio
The company holds an Incurred Claims Ratio of 92.23 % for 2016/17. Incurred Claim Ratio is calculated as the net claim settled by an insurer to the net premiums collected in any given year.
Why Insuremile?
The most important differentiator is InsureMile’s ‘Buy A Policy, Feed A Child’ mission. For every policy you buy, InsureMile on your behalf contributes 25 meals to a child. You are thus becoming part of a Social Movement to eradicate hunger among children in India. There is no additional amount to be paid for the social cause. It is part of the premium. You can claim tax benefits for the donation you have made.