What is Individual Health insurance?
Health insurance covers medical expenses for illnesses, injuries and other health other conditions. Unlike a plan through an employer, individual health insurance is something you select and pay for on your own.
Why is it important?
Health is wealth, they say. It is advisable to maintain good health. But sometimes, your health is affected for known and unknown reasons for which you will require medical attention. With rising costs of medical treatment in hospitals and inefficient public healthcare system, it is advisable that you have health insurance to protect you from such emergencies. Health Insurance provides risk coverage against expenditure caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies.
Types of Individual Health Insurance
Individual Mediclaim: This is the simplest form of health insurance. As the name suggests, Individual mediclaim offers risk coverage to an individual towards hospitalization expenses. The premium amount is as per the value of sum assured value. In this type of health insurance plan, you can buy independent healthcare policies for each member of your family. Unit Linked Health Plans: Plans through ULIP route is yet another form of health insurance. Many health insurance companies have introduced Unit Linked Health Plans. In such plans, you get health insurance along with investment.
1. Insured people receive better and timely healthcare. 2. Individual health insurance benefits the people with the discounted medical prices.. 3. Better health outcome. 4. Individual health insurance saves a lot of money.
How to claim?
You can make a claim under a Health insurance policy in two ways: 1. Cashless basis 2. Reimbursement basis
No Claim Bonus
This is very important. If you are staying fit and healthy, health insurance plans reward you with ‘No Claim Bonus’. If you do not make any insurance claim during your policy period, insurance companies give ‘No Claim Bonus’. Insurance companies reward you with a discount on your next premium when you go for renewal. The discount can keep increasing every year depending upon on your health status and your premium could come down substantially.
Why buy insurance on InsureMile online platform?
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Why Insuremile
The most important differentiator is InsureMile’s ‘Buy A Policy, Feed A Child’ mission For every policy you buy, InsureMile on your behalf contributes 10 meals to a child. You are thus becoming part of a Social Movement to eradicate hunger among children in India. There is no additional amount to be paid for the social cause. It is part of the premium. You can claim tax benefits for the donation you have made