Secure your crops and agricultural land with agricultural insurance

What is meant by the agriculture plan?

Agriculture is one of the largest primary occupations in India. It is the prominent sector that provides food to our country. The cropping pattern may undergo changes due to climatic changes and calamities. Farmers will require funds to recover from natural disasters like storms, heavy rainfall, flood, lightning, drought, cyclones, landslides and so on. There are a number of general insurance agriculture plans available for farmers. The Agricultural Insurance Company of India Ltd offers various insurance options.


What are the different types of online general insurance agriculture plan?

Crop insurance and weather insurance are the two most required insurances for farmers. Some of the best general insurance agriculture plans for farmers are –


  1. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY)

This is a scheme by the government that focuses on implementing technology for higher yield with low premium rates. Farmers will be greatly benefited and will withstand losses during calamities. This general insurance agricultural plan quote will cover pre-sowing and post-harvest losses.

Features of PMFBY:

  • Low premium rates: The farmers will need to pay only a 2%, 1.5% and 5% premium rates for Kharif crop, Rabi crop and commercial crops respectively.
  • Premium support by the government: The government will take responsibility in paying the remaining premium amount. This will benefit the farmers with complete insurance covers with low premium rates.
  • Use of technology: The scheme widens the use of technology for reducing crop cutting risks. Farmers are updated with crop cutting data. Remote sensing is used to reduce unnecessary crop cuttings.
  • Financial support: This general insurance agricultural policy acts as financial support to the suffered crops. This stabilizes the income of farmers and their family.
  1. National Crop Insurance Program:

This scheme is an outcome of merging several other insurance-related schemes for farmers.

Some distinct features are:

  • Farmers with loans get covered by the scheme after being notified by the state.
  • Farmers without loans are also covered under the combined schemes with NCIP.
  • Certified insurers by IRDA can also implement this scheme other than AIC.


  1. The insurance products by AIC:

AIC gives specific insurances based on crops and weather, thus, making general insurance agriculture policies available for every farmer.

Here are some of the products:

  • Plant insurance
  • Rainfall insurance
  • Rubber plantation insurance
  • Potato crop insurance
  • Cardamom plant and yield insurance
  • Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme
  • Pulpwood tree insurance


What are the general insurance agriculture policies by private insurers?

Other than AIC, there are insurance companies providing agricultural insurance. They term this under the category of General Insurance as of the IRDA regulations. These cover post-harvest losses, shortage of yield due to calamities and losses due to adverse climatic conditions. They also cover the farmers with insurance under the National Crop Insurance Program. The premium is based on the type of crop and location. Farmers can compare general insurance agriculture plans of the different insurers to choose the best. Farmers, banks and companies supporting agricultural equipment are eligible for general insurance agriculture policy. Read More


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