What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?
A Senior Citizen is one who has attained the age of 60. As one ages, there are a number of age-related health issues which may crop up. To address these health concerns, it is better to be insured as health care costs are prohibitive. Health Insurance Plan is designed to offer financial aid for medical treatments to individuals over 60 years of age in their hour of need. Senior citizen health insurance plans offer critical illness cover, cashless hospitalisation, pre-existing disease cover, and a higher sum assured. It is advisable that you take the policy even before you have attained the senior citizenship status, because the premium for such policies are expensive.
The benefits of choosing a health insurance plan for senior citizens are: You are covered against illness which are mostly age-rekated, Enjoy higher sum insured benefit. Avail health check-ups annually, to stay fit Avail Cashless hospitalization in case patient is admitted for over 24 yours. You can pay doctor fees, medical bills, room charges, etc.
No Claim Bonus
Insurance companies give discounts on your premium when it comes up for renewal if you have not claimed insurance during the policy period. The healthier you stay, Insurance companies acknowledge your good health and offer discounts.
Why Insuremile ?
The most important differentiator is InsureMile’s ‘Buy A Policy, Feed A Child’ mission For every policy you buy, InsureMile on your behalf contributes 25 meals to a child. You are thus becoming part of a Social Movement to eradicate hunger among children in India. There is no additional amount to be paid for the social cause. It is part of the premium. You can claim tax benefits for the donation you have made.
Key features in a senior citizens health insurance policy
There are some significant features to a senior citizens health insurance policy that you should ensure are available when applying for it ⦁ Ambulance charges. Most senior citizen insurance plans cover for ambulance charges in case of an emergency. This is a necessary feature considering the age of the beneficiary ⦁ Pre-existing disease coverage. As you compare senior citizen insurance cover, seek one that offers cover for pre-existing diseases such as diabetes as this is not provided by all insurance companies. ⦁ Depending on the selected insurance provider, one may not require to undergo medical tests to enjoy a senior citizens health plan ⦁ Tax benefits increase as one age and senior citizen insurance plans also take this into consideration. ⦁ While requesting for senior citizen insurance quotes seek to find ones with the least co-payment plans. This will ensure that the medical bills are easily manageable by simply paying the premiums on time. ⦁ The insurance plan allows for cashless hospitalization covering room charges and medical bills as per the sum assured. ⦁ Compare senior citizen insurance policies and select one that offers hassle-free coverage with lifetime renewals. Although lifetime renewals are limited, ensure that you get a hassle-free coverage to avoid disappointment during an emergency.
Why is it important?
Having health insurance cover for yourself, in case you are a senior citizen, or for your family members who are 60 years and above, is important as health insurance becomes a necessity in the current times. Changing lifestyles, diets, work pressure etc. have an undesirable effect on one’s health. This highlights the need for having an apt health insurance cover. Senior citizen run the risk of many ailments related to age. As the probability of having medical issues increase with age and even might require serious medical intervention, health insurance becomes an ‘absolute must-have’.
How to claim?
You can make a claim under a Health insurance policy in two ways: 1. Cashless Claims 2. Reimbursement basis In Cashless Claims, you have to produce the details of your policy at the time of admission and get admitted for treatments. You may have to pay some out of pocket expenses depending upon the kind of plan you have taken, In Reimbursement basis, you will have to make the payments to the hospital at the time of discharge or even before that. The insurance company will make the assessment of your bills and reimburse the amount depending on your policy.
Why buy insurance on Insuremile online platform?
● Because enquiry about insurance quotes, buying of insurance and other transactions are simple, transparent and competitive on InsureMile platform ● Because InsureMile does not ask you for your phone number or email details, thus you are not harassed by unwanted calls or mail. ● Because InsureMile will guide you, whenever you need any assistance
The best senior citizens health insurance policy available
An insurance policy prevents a medical emergency from escalating into a financial emergency. As we age, so does our ability to withstand illness and the best senior citizens health insurance policy available is ideal to mitigate the cost of medical attention. A senior citizen is anyone above the age of 60 years retiring or on a pension. Age-related illnesses are expensive to maintain and to protect senior citizens from worry about their finances in the twilight years a health insurance plan is important. A senior citizens insurance policy is designed for those in the age bracket of 60 to 80 years of age with a few insurance companies accepting older. There are however some limitations and exceptions to this insurance policy and it is therefore important that you compare senior citizen insurance policies to get the right fit for your needs.
Factors to consider when shopping for a senior citizen insurance policy
⦁ Co-payment. Being pensioners and retirees means that the income generated is minimal. The best senior citizen health insurance cover should equally reflect this by having the insured pay the least possible percentage of their medical bills. ⦁ Online senior citizen health insurance research reveals that the sum assured for senior citizens is lesser than other plans. This is because as we age complications increase therefore increasing the risks that the insurer faces. Select insurance provides who gives the best terms. ⦁ Maximum age renewal terms differ from one insurance company to the other. Ensure that while requesting for senior citizens insurance quotes that the term renewals are clear ⦁ While comparing for senior citizens health cover it is prudent to consider coverage of certain pre-existing illnesses. The best senior citizens insurance policies provide cover although it is normally after completion of a certain period of the policy. ⦁ With consideration to the insured’s age, it is of significance that the waiting period be low