Single Invest Advantage Plan
Introduction/Overview The Single Invest Advantage Plan is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan without Bonus facility. In this, the policyholder makes a single premium payment and reaps the benefits of a long-term life coverage, while staying invested and generating wealth through the unit linked funds and the loyalty additions provided by the company. This plan provides financial security to both the loved ones of the policyholders as well as the policyholders themselves. Key Features Policyholders enjoy long-term benefits by making a one-time investment. The policyholder has a choice of five different funds in which to allocate their investments. Liquidity of funds is available in the form of partial withdrawals. The policyholder may top- up his or her premium with a lump sum amount. Through Loyalty Additions, policyholders are rewarded for staying invested for longer.
Details About Premium
Details About Premium Policy Details Grace Period: There is no Grace Period as it is a single premium policy. Policy Termination or Surrender Benefit: Termination of the policy occurs on payment of the Maturity benefit or the Death Benefit. Free Look Period: Policyholders have a limited free look period of 15 days from the date of receiving policy documents to review the policy. If the policyholder does not wish to continue with the policy, then he or she can cancel the policy. The customer will receive the Fund Value plus the unallocated premium minus a proportionate premium for the risk borne by the company, including as any extra expenses, such as towards a medical examination or stamp duty charges. Inclusions A Top-up premium is permitted any time during the policy term except during the last five policy years. The minimum Top-up premium amount is Rs. 10000. The aggregate of all the Top-up premiums should not exceed the Single Premium that was paid. The policyholder may switch between the six unit-linked funds at any point of time during the policy term. The policyholder can choose to receive the maturity benefit as a lump-sum amount or through pre-selected installments via yearly, half-yearly or quarterly modes for a period of up to five years after the maturity date. The policyholder may also receive the maturity benefit as a part lump-sum amount and the rest via installments. Additional Features or Riders Various charges apply to this policy. They are as follows: Premium Allocation Charge, which is charged as a percentage of the Premium paid by the customer. Policy Administration Charge is a percentage of the Single Premium paid and is recovered through the monthly cancellation of units. Fund Management Charges are deducted daily while calculating the NAV of the funds. At the beginning of each month, Mortality Charges are deducted by the cancellation of units from the fund value. Switching Charge – There is a limit of twelve free switches allowed in a single policy year. Subsequently each switch is charged at Rs. 500 per switch. Partial Withdrawal Charge is Rs.500 per withdrawal. Miscellaneous Charges – the charge for the replacement of policy contract is Rs. 500. Exclusions The term insurance cover is void if the person insured, whether sane or insane at the time, commits suicide within one year from the start of the policy cover. The company will refund the Fund Value in the Main Account and the Top-up account as on the date of death.
If the policyholder survives until the policy matures, he or she receives a Maturity Benefit, which is the Fund Value in the Main Account plus Fund Value of the Top- up account (if any) as on the maturity date. In the sad event of the demise of the policyholder, the nominee receives a Death Benefit. The policy offers two options for the Death Benefit, the details of which are mentioned below. Option 1 in which the Basic Sum Assured = 5 x Single Premium. For the first year the Death Benefit is higher of: Basic Sum Assured, or 105% of the Single Premium, or Fund Value in the main account. Plus the higher of: Top- up Sum Assured Fund Value of Top- up account, or 105% of the Top-up Premium. Second year onwards, the Death Benefit is the higher of: 25% of the Basic Sum Assured (5 times of Single Premium) 105% of the Single Premium, or Fund Value in the main account. Plus the higher of: Top- up Sum Assured, or Fund Value of Top- up account, or 105% of the Top-up Premium. Option 2 in which the Basic Sum Assured = 1.25 x Single Premium. Throughout the term, the Death Benefit is the higher of: Basic Sum Assured (1.25 times of Single Premium), or 105% of the Single Premium, or Fund Value in the main account. Plus the higher of: Top- up Sum Assured, or Fund Value of Top- up account, or 105% of the Top-up Premium. The Death Benefit that is given to the nominee will be minus any partial withdrawals that have been made by the policyholder. Based on the customers propensity to take risks, there is a choice of five Unit Linked Funds for investment. Liquidity is available in the form of partial withdrawals, which are allowed after the first five policy years are completed. The minimum amount for partial withdrawals is Rs. 5000. Loyalty Additions are provided at the end of the tenth policy year (for policy terms of ten years) and also at the end of the tenth and fifteenth policy years (for the fifteen year policy term). Tax benefits are available on the premium paid and Death Benefit as per sections 80(C) and 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.