SL Crest Plan
HDFC SL Crest Plan is a Unit Linked Insurance plan (ULIP) that offers the twin benefit of wealth creation and insurance protection. It thus secures the future of the policyholder and also helps him maximize his wealth. SL Crest – EligibilityCriteria’s SL Crest -Key Features SL Crest is a Unit Linked Insurance Planwith Limited Pay option of premium payment SL Crest allows investment in the 4 fund options as follows : Blue Chip Fund: This type of funds allows your investment to get exposed to large-cap equities and equity related securities is very high, up to 80 to 100 per cent in equity and below 20 per cent in money market tools, deposits, cash, and mutual funds. The HDFC SL Crest Blue Chip Fund offers the possibility of very high returns and entails very high risk. Opportunities Fund: Investment in mid-cap equities as well as in equity related securities again is very high, between eighty to hundred per cent in equity asset class while only zero to twenty per cent in money market instruments, deposits, cash, and liquid mutual funds. The HDFC SL Crest Opportunities Fund has a `very high risk and return rating. Balanced Fund: The fund composition is 0% to 20% in money market instruments, cash, deposits and liquid mutual fund; 0% to 60% in government securities and fixed income securities; and between 40% to 80% in equity asset class. The dynamic equity exposure is done to enhance the returns while the debt allocation minimizes the volatility of returns. The risk and return rating of the HDFC SL Crest Balanced Fund is pegged at `moderate to high. Income Fund: It offers higher potential returns due to higher duration and credit exposure. The fund composition consists of 0% to 20% invested in money market tools, deposits, cash, and liquid mutual funds and 80 – 100 per cent in government securities and fixed income securities. The HDFC SL Crest Income Fund has a `moderate return and risk rating. The flexibility to choose the sum assured amount is offered by HDF SL Crest plan. The sum assured can be anything between 10 to 20 times the annualized premiums. There is no upper limit on premium Just a short medical questionnaire has to be filled for availing the HDFC SL Crest Plan. No medical tests are required. The HDFC SL Crest plan offers EMI facility to those holding a HDFC Bank credit card.
Product Specification
SL Crest -Policy Details Grace Period: 30 days grace period for premium payment is allowed under the SL Crest plan Surrender Benefit or Policy Termination: After the completion of initial 5 years, the policyholder is allowed to surrender the policy. If the policy is surrendered before the completion of 5 years, the fund value will be paid out but the discontinuation charge will be deducted. The discontinuation policy fund is subject to earn at least 4% per annum. After the completion of 5 years, the fund value in the discontinued policy fund will be paid out to the policyholder. Hence, if the policy is surrendered after 5 years, the entire fund value will be paid out without any deduction. Free Look Period: If you are not pleased with terms, conditions and the coverage provided under the policy, you can cancel the HDFC SL Crest policy within 15 days of receipt of the policy documents, provided no claim has already been filed. Inclusions SL Crest Plan allows partial withdrawals annually, with a minimum value of Rs.10,000/-. Fund switching is allowed every year. You can switch between funds based on your investment strategy. Premium Redirection is also allowed under HDFC SL Crest to redirect future premiums to another chosen fund. Exclusions If the life insurer commits suicide within 12 months from the inception or revival of the policy, the fund value as on that date will be paid out under HDFC SL Crest Plan. Charges Different charges are levied to cover administration costs as well as cost of providing benefits in order to provide better returns and value for money to customers over the long term. Premium Allocation Charge: This charge is based on the premium and is guaranteed for the entire duration of the premium payment term of the HDFC SL Crest plan. The charge percentage is highest in the first 2 years and decreases towards the end of the premium payment term. Fund Management Charge (FMC): HDFC SL Crest plan levies a fund management charge at the rate of 1.35% per annum and this is factored in the daily unit price. Policy Administration Charge: A policy administration charge levied at the rate of 0.31% per month of the original annual premium is deducted monthly in HDFC SL Crest plan. It increases at the rate of 5% on every HDFC SL Crest policy anniversary, subject to a maximum charge of Rs. 500 per month. This charge is taken by the cancellation of proportionate units from each chosen fund of the HDFC SL Crest ULIP plan. Mortality Charge: This charge is collected for providing a death cover in the HDFC SL Crest policy. The amount of charge is dependent on the policyholders age and level of cover taken under the HDFC SL Crest plan. Miscellaneous Charges: Rs. 250 per request may be debited for any policy alteration request in HDFC SL Crest. Additionally, the following charges are levied if certain requests are made. Partial Withdrawal Charge: A request for partial withdrawal under the HDFC SL Crest plan attracts a charge of Rs. 250 per request, else Rs. 25 per request will be charged if the request is made through the web portal of the company. This is imposed on the unit fund at the time of partial withdrawal of the HDFC SL Crest fund during the contract period. Switching Charge: Similarly, a HDFC SL Crest fund switch request is charged at the time of effecting the switch at the rate of Rs. 250 per request. The cost is Rs. 25 per request if the request is made through the companys web portal. Premium Redirection: Premium redirection request attract a charge of Rs. 250 per request under HDFC SL Crest plan. If done through the companys website, the HDFC SL Crest policyholder is charged Rs. 25 per request. Discontinuance Charge: This is charged if the HDFC SL Crest plan is discontinued before maturity. However, there is no discontinuance charge after the 5th policy year of the HDFC SL Crest plan.
On maturity, the total fund value will be offered to the insured person. After maturity, the benefits are paid out in equal instalments over a period of five years. On the unfortunate death of the life insured, higher of the sum assured and the fund value will be paid out to the nominee appointed by the policyholder. The minimum death benefit would be equal to 105% of the total premiums paid On payment of premium for only 5 years, HDFC SL Crest policyholders enjoy a policy term of 10 years Section 80C and section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act allows the policyholder to enjoy Tax Benefits on the premiums paid and on claims respectively.
Documents Required
HDFC SL Crest Policyholder has to fill up an `Application form/ proposal form with accurate medical history and submit KYC documents.
SL Crest – FAQs
Q.1) What Are the Fund Options Available under HDFC SL Crest Plan and What are Their Risk Ratings? There are four fund options available to give you the opportunity to create your own investment strategy. The funds options are as follows: Blue Chip Fund (Risk rating : Very High) Opportunities Fund (Risk rating : Very High) Balanced fund (Risk rating : High to moderate) Income Fund (Risk rating : Moderate) Q. 2) Is There Any Initial Lock in Period Under HDFC SL Crest Plan? Like any other ULIP plans, HDFC SL Crest also locks in your invested money for five years. But the premium paying term itself is of 5 years (fixed). Therefore, you have to keep your money locked in for the entire premium paying term. Q.3) How SL Crest is Different from Other ULIP Products? SL crest is a short term investment plans. While most Unit Linked Insurance Plans are long term investment instruments, HDFC SL crest is a limited pay plan under which you have to pay only for five years. But you can enjoy life coverage throughout the policy term, which is of 10 years (fixed). Q. 4) What is the Basic Sum Assured Amount Of SL Crest Plan? The plan gives you the flexibility to choose the sum assured amount. However, the maximum sum assured amount is 20 times your annualized premiums. If your age was below 45 years at the time of policy entry, the minimum sum assured amount for you will be 10 times your annualized premiums. If your age was 45 years or above at the time of entry, the minimum sum assured will be 7 times your annualized premiums. Q.5) What is the Amount of the Death Benefit Payable Under HDFC SL Crest Plan? The life insured dies before the age of 60 years, the sum assured will be higher of the sum assured amount and the total fund value till date (having deducted all the withdrawals made within two years before death). If the age of the life insured is 60 years or above at the time of death, the death benefit will be greater of the sum assured and the total fund value (minus all the withdrawals made after the 58th birthday of the life insured).