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Star Travel Protect Insurance Introduction
This Plan takes care of any health issues when you are travelling abroad on a business or a holiday, thus protecting you against foreign culture, unfamiliar conditions, varied political scenarios etc. Eligibility: Person residing in India: minimum age:6 months, maximum- 70 years, travelling abroad. Person between 70-75%, premium loading is 50%, and above 75 years premium is 100%.
Plan Benefits
Emergency medical, Repatriation in case of medical emergency, dental emergency expenses following an accident, compensation following accidental injuries Loss of checked in baggage (up to the limits) Expenses incurred for obtaining new passport Delay in flight or missed departure/connection, situation involving hijack distress Expenses on emergency purchases of consumables due to any delay in handing checked in baggage by the carrier for more than 12 hours Pecuniary loss on cancellation of your trip due to any accidental bodily injury/death of family members. Any Legal Liability burdened upon you due to causing bodily injury or property damage to any third party. Additional Benefits: Medical Tests are not required Extension of policy is available on payment of additional premium, subject t0 a maximum of two extensions; however request for such case is to be made 7 days in advance. When travel period is 180 days and extension required is above 180 days, premium payable is as follows. Exclusions: Travel against medical advice Pre-existing condition or disease and subsequent treatment Travel for medical condition. Risk sports such as rock climbing, mountaineering, winter sports, skiing. Self-inflicted injuries, suicide, mental disorder, intentional involvement in dangerous situations. Expenses due to pregnancy, congenital diseases. Policy details: The insurance is applicable for travel worldwide both including USA and Canada and excluding USA and Canada. The coverage is for four limits of Rs. 3331247, 6662495 and 16656237. Limits of Coverage and Deductibles: Premium Details: *The above figures may change. Check the policy wordings for more details. Star Health Insurance to Launch Insurance Plan for Cancer Patients Star Health and Allied Insurance is the No.1 Company in Premium Collection More Top-Ups Now in Revised Comprehensive Insurance by Star Health Star Health Insurance Soon To Raise Rs. 400 Crore Star Health Makes It Big – Aims to Raise Rs 350 Crore for FY 2015