Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana
Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana Plan Overview Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana prepares the insured students of an Educational Institute/Schools from unforeseen calamities resulting in financial debacle. Its a comprehensive plan that covers every insurance needs of a student, which otherwise is served as different plans. Key Features SECTION A – the company agrees to pay the capital sum insured as compensation on occurrence of any of the listed Insured Events, under different Benefit (Death/ PTD/ PPD). The following extensions are available under section A Section B- Medical Cover Section C- Fire Cover
Additional Benefits
On premise Cover (Applicable for Section A): discount of 25% will be offered if insured person opt for the Policy on “On premises basis” On Premises would include and mean: Accidental Risks to the Students The policy provides cover against pedal cycle and loss of personal belonging within premises only. Financial support to help student travel to the premises from the place of residence and then back, if student is not a resident within the Premises, for the purpose engaging in activities carried out by the Educational Institution/Schools. Content Insurance (Applicable for Section A): The Policy also provides for home content insurance up to Rs 15,000 against burglar and fire and allied perils is taken by all the Parents for the benefit of the Child undergoing studies at no additional premium under the Policy. Reinstatement Value Clause (Applicable for Section C): On payment of additional premium, the Company shall compensate the Insured Educational Institute for cover against fire and allied perils on reinstatement value basis i.e. there would not be any deduction for depreciation while settling claims.
How to Cancellation Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana Policy?
a) We may cancel this Certificate of Insurance / Policy on grounds of misrepresentation, fraud, non-disclosure of material facts or non-cooperation of Insured Person by sending 15 days written notice by registered post to Policy Holders last known address, and then we shall refund a pro-rata premium for the unexpired Cover Period. b) You or Policy Holder may cancel this Certificate of Insurance or Policy respectively by giving Us 15 days written notice for the cancellation of such Certificate of Insurance or Policy by registered post, and then we shall refund premium on short term rates for the unexpired Cover Period as per the rates detailed below.
Benefits of Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana Plan
Benefit under section A Covers the loss/ damage to the personal belongings of the Student against theft, burglary and external accidental damage. Covers loss/ damage to the pedal cycle of the Student on account of contingencies such as theft, burglary, fire and allied risks. Covers the cost of study of the Student in the unfortunate death/ Permanent total Disablement of the Parent. The cost includes the tuition fees, text books and other fees subject to liability. Cover the charges incurred by the Educational Institution/ Schools in availing an ambulance if so necessitated on happening of an Accident covered under the Policy. Provide for reimbursement of return fare subject to Sum Insured as opted in the event if the Student has suffered any Critical Illness and / or fatal accident and is held up at a place other than place at which the Parent is staying. It also covers the cost of Student visiting the Parent if he/ she suffers a Critical Illnesses or has suffered a fatal Accident. If the Student is unable to attend the Examination conducted due to happening of an Accident, then, we will pay such amount as incurred by the Student towards payment of such Examination Fee. Details about Premium *The above rates may change. Please check the policy wordings for more information.
Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana Policy Details
Free Look period- You will be allowed a period of at least 15 days from the date of receipt of the Policy to review the terms and conditions of the Policy and to return the same if not acceptable Sum Insured enhancement- The Sum Insured under the Policy can only be enhanced on renewal subject to approval from underwriter. Renewal- Your Policy shall ordinarily be renewable as long as you / Insured can be defined as Student for purpose of this Policy except on grounds of fraud, moral hazard or misrepresentation or non-cooperation by the insured person. If the Policy is not renewed within the Grace Period then we may agree to issue a fresh Policy subject to Our underwriting criteria and no continuing benefits shall be available from the expired Policy. Group Discount- A group discount depending on size of group may be offered as per below
Documents Required to buy Surva Vidyarthi Bima Yojana Plan
In case of Death Policy Copy Post Mortem Report (certified copies) – as applicable F.I.R. or Death report or Inquest Panchnama (in original or certified copies) Spot Panchnama (certified copies)- if applicable Death certificate (in original or certified copy) In case of Permanent Total Disablement/Permanent Partial Disablement Policy Copy Disability certificate – Authorized Medical Practitioner of the district/ units concerned, (certificate) stating percentage of disablement F.I.R. and Panchnama wherever applicable (original or certified copies) Medical report Investigation reports like laboratory test, X-rays and reports essential of confirmation of the type and percentage of disability Original medical bills In case of Medical Claims Policy Copy Medical Reports Medical Receipts/ Original Medical Bills Investigation reports like laboratory test, X-rays and reports essential of confirmation of the type and percentage of disability In case of Fire Claim All the particulars, plans, specification, books, vouchers, invoices (where available), duplicates or copies thereof, documents, investigation reports (internal/external), proofs, evidence and information with respect to the claim First Information Report (FIR) of the Police, wherever required Fire Brigade Report wherever required Eligibility Students/ Staff from age of 3 years to 65 years can be enrolled under this policy. The insured can opt any section/ benefit and extension given in the policy. Bajaj Allianz iSecure Loan