TATA AIG Travel Insurance Company Overview
TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plan by TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited offers a wide range of general insurance products. TATA AIG is a joint collaboration between TATA, a trusted name in India and an American Company AIG, market leader in insurance as well as financial services. The company caters to the requirements of insurance plans both in the Life Insurance plans and in General Insurance plans. Travel Insurance plans, another important category of general insurance plans which the company offers to the customers with attractive features and benefits. TATA AIG has specially designed one of this most important general insurance plans, which is travel insurance plans. Why To Buy TATA AIG Travel Insurance? Holidays, vacations, business trips are parts and parcels of anybodys life and are essential too. In todays busy and fast life, going out for holiday or going out for business meetings are common phenomenon. And it becomes utmost important for a person to protect oneself and his family towards any untoward incidents and risks arising out of travelling. Travel Insurance offers complete protection throughout the trip and offers even reimbursement/ compensation when there is an emergency and on can stay well sheltered under various travel insurance plans. TATA AIG provides domestic as well as international travel insurance plans which covers Personal Accidents, Medical Expenses, Trip Delay Loss of Passport, , Trip Cancellation, Baggage Loss and other related risks while travelling abroad. List of TATA AIG Travel Insurance Policies: There are four Travel Insurance Plans which are there under TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plans, these are namely: Travel Guard Plan. Student Guard Plan. Asia Travel Guard Plan Domestic Travel Guard Plan. Now lets have an overview of each of the plans: Travel Guard Plan By TATA AIG Travel Insurance TATA AIG Travel Guard Plan is basically an Overseas Travel insurance which protects an individual from any unforeseen circumstances happening during overseas travel. Under Travel Guard Plan, one will have to make just one phone call which will take care of everything in case of any untoward incident. Features and Benefits of Travel Guard Plan byTATA AIG Travel Insurance The Travel Guard Plan has distinctive features and benefits which are as follows: There are five plans that are available under Travel Guard Plan which are namely Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Platinum and Senior Plan. There is also an Annual Multi Trip Program which has again two options which are Annual Multi Trip Gold Plan and Annual Multi Trip Platinum Plan. Worldwide protection 24×7 and 365 days. Travel Guard Assist offers emergency assistance, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation across the world. 15 days free look period ( though applicable for only new business under annual multi trip) Enhancement of Sum Insured- The sum insured can be increased at the time of renewal .But the same will be at the discretion of the company as per their underwriting rules and regulations(For renewals annual multi trip only) 30 days race period will be allowed ( For renewals annual multi trip only) Coverage of Accident and Sickness Medical expenses under Travel Guard Plan Accident and Sickness Medical expenses Checked Baggage Loss Loss of Passport Baggage delay Hijacking Flight Delay Personal Liability Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Automatic extension of the plan. Sickness Dental Expense. Premium can be calculated and can be applied online. Travel Guards Unique Round the Clock Assistance: The support services include Medical as well as Non Medical Support. Under both the plans, the services can be categorized as under: Medical Support:This includes Medical Assistance Medical Evacuation Repatriation Non Medical Support:This includes Pre-departure services. General Assistance Lost Luggage or Lost Passport Emergency Travel Agency Emergency Cash Transfers and Advances. Legal Assistance. Eligibility: Any resident Indian aged between 6 months and upto life can avail this insurance plan while travelling abroad for leisure of for the purpose of business. What is not covered under Travel Guard Plan? Expenses are not covered if one is travelling against the advice of the physician, pre existing ailments and related complications, for obtaining treatment , Suicide or attempted suicide, terrorism, war, illegal acts, dangerous sports etc. How to claim for travel Guard plan by TATA AIG Travel Insurance? One can register a claim through the following ways: One call at India Toll free number of the company Email at [email protected][dot]com Email at [email protected][dot]com Email at [email protected][dot]com For the Americas Plans Email [email protected][dot]com Student Guard Plan By TATA AIG Travel Insurance: The Student Guard Plan is exclusively made for a student who goes abroad for higher studies. While a student concentrates on his/her studies, overseas health insurance student guard plan takes care of their health risks, accidents & loss of sponsorship and also family emergencies when a student is back home. Features and Benefits of student Guard Plan by TATA AIG Insurance: 5 Plan options are available under this plan which are Plan A, Plan B, Ultimate, Ultimate Plus and Supreme with Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement limits to the tune of $ 50000, $100000, $250000, $500000, $500000 respectively. The coverage is offered on Personal Accident, Sponsor Protection, Compassionate Visit ( 2-way) from family, Study Interruption and Accident & Sickness reimbursement. 15 days free Look period applicable under business annual multi trip. 30 days Grace Period valid for annual multi trip renewals. Enhancement of Sum Insured- The sum insured can be increased at the time of renewal .But the same will be at the discretion of the company as per their underwriting rules and regulations. Coverage for Accidental Death and Dismemberment including Felonious Assault. Coverage for Accident and Sickness Medical Compensation. There are certain Special Extensions to the Student Travel Guard Plans which are: Coverage for Pre Existing Diseases Childcare Maternity Benefits Treatment for Mental and Nervous Disorders which includes alcohol consumption and addiction of drug Cancer Screening and Mammography examinations Physiotherapy Medical Assistance. Dental Aid. Emergency Medical Evacuation Baggage Loss & Baggage Delay Loss of Passport Personal Liability Transfer of Remains. Sponsor Protection Study Interruption : In case a student is unable to continue with his/ her studies, this plan provides the coverage for the unused tuition fees if insured suffers any of the following : Terminal illnesses or Insured is hospitalized for more than one consecutive month for covered injury/ illness or Medical Repatriation or Death of immediate family member Compassionate Visits under this plan: Visit by family member: If a student is hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days, then cost of economy class round trip air ticket and hotel accommodation for one immediate family member will be covered. Visit by Student: In case where there is a death or hospitalization of parents, spouse/child(ren) for more than 7 consecutive days, then cost of economy class round trip air ticket will be covered if one visits the home country. Hijack cash Benefit. Missed Flights or Missed Connections. Trip Delay Bail Bond Fraudulent Charges Payment Eligibilityof Student Guard Plan By TATA AIG Travel Insurance: Individuals who are aged between 16 years and 35 years and enrolling and attending a full time registered educational institution of higher learning outside Republic Of India. This policy will be renewed till the insured attains a completed age of 35 years post which the plan will not be renewed. Claims for student guard plan can be filed through the following ways: Calling at the toll free number of the company Writing to [email protected][dot]com While Abroad, one can contact AIG TRAVEL ASSIST Worldwide number +6 03 2118 0783 /84 Email at [email protected][dot]com Claims [email protected][do]com For the Americas Plans ( Includes North, Central, South America and Canada) One can call at Toll Free within USA & Canada +1 866 866 2620 and +1 817 826 7018 ( Reverse charge /Collect from other places) . Email: [email protected][dot]com 0800 169 9884 ( Toll Free from UK) 0120 593700 ( Toll Free from Japan) Write to the corporate address in Mumbai. Asia Travel Guard Plan By TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plan: Asia Travel Guard Plan is a Travel Protection Plan that takes care of the travel risks when one is travelling within Asia which includes loss of baggage to medical emergencies. Features and Benefits of Asia Travel Guard Plan by TATA AIG Travel Insurance: Host of features and benefits are available under this plans which can be summarized as follows: Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Personal Accident cover to the tune of $ 15000. Emergency Medical Evacuation and transfer of Remains. Compensation for the checked baggage loss. Compensation for expenses incurred for obtaining of a new or a duplicate passport. Personal Liability for third party damages, or death or bodily injury or damage to third party property that has to be paid by the insured is also covered under Asia Travel Guard Plan. Compensation for the checked baggage delay. Some of the special Assistance Services which are available only under this plan are: Arrangement of hospital admissions. Medical services provider referral. Assistance for lost luggage. Emergency Travel Services. Information services on claim procedures. Embassy Referral Services. Eligibility of Asia Travel Guard Plan By TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plan: Individuals who are aged between 6 months to 70 years travelling within Asia for leisure or for business purpose are eligible for this plan. Countries Eligible All countries except Korea and Japan qualify under Asia Travel Guard Insurance Plan. Asia Travel Guard claims can be filed through the following ways Calling at the toll free number of the company Writing to [email protected][dot]com While Abroad, one can contact AIG TRAVEL ASSIST Worldwide number +6 03 2118 0783 /84 Email at [email protected][dot]com Claims [email protected][dot]com Write to the corporate address in Mumbai. TATA AIGDomestic Travel Guard Insurance Plan: Domestic Travel Guard Policy is designed only to cover the risks of travelling within India either by road, air or rail. Features and Benefits of TATA AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Guard Plan: Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred from treatment of injuries caused due to an accident. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit. Missed Departure either Air/ Rail Loss of tickets. Emergency Medical Evacuation. Lodging charges due to trip delay. Assistance round the clock which includes the following unique support systems: Medical evacuation Medical Assistance Legal Assistance Lost Luggage Support Lost Travel Document Support Repatriation Support in arrangement of Bail Bond Assistance in emergency message transmission Emergency travel service Medical Advice over telephone Assistance in hotel accommodation Support in getting appointment with Doctors. Arrangement I Hospital Admissions. Coverage of medical expenses in hospital incurred due to accident Monitoring the health condition while in hospital Assistance in arranging compassionate visit. Last and most important assistance in products and claims related informations. 15 days free look period ( though applicable for only new business under annual multi trip) Enhancement of Sum Insured- The sum insured can be increased at the time of renewal .But the same will be at the discretion of the company as per their underwriting rules and regulations(For renewals annual multi trip only) 30 days race period will be allowed ( For renewals annual multi trip only) Eligibility forTATA AIG Domestic Travel Insurance: Any individual travelling by air, rail or road within India. TATA AIG Domestic Travel Insurance claims can be filed through the following ways: Calling at the toll free number of the company Writing to [email protected][dot]com Contact at Worldwide Toll no 00911141898860 Email at [email protected][dot]com How to claim for TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plan: There are basically 4 steps in the insurance claim process which are: Intimate the company immediately after any such incident happening though the ways as mentioned above. Submission of all the required documents along with the filled up claim form. Re submit any further document if needed by the company/ or respond to any query raised by the company. Payment made as per the instruction by the insured person
Tata AIG Travel Insurance- FAQs
1.) What is the need travel insurance? There are two major reasons for traveling abroad – a pleasure trip or a business trip. Nobody wants to spoil the holiday or a business meeting but there are some unexpected accidents that can ruin your perfect planning, for example, baggage loss, passport loss and medical emergency. This helps you to enjoy a safe and secure while you are travelling. The policyholder is eligible to file the claim from anywhere in the world. 2.) When can I file the claim? As soon as the policy is active the coverage begins and you are eligible to file the claim. Travel insurance is very simple and easy to buy and quick claim procedure makes it the best travel insurance in the market. 4.) What happened if the time of the tour extends? In case the tour time is extended for some reason that is not under your control, you are eligible to get the coverage by your insurance company after submitting a fixed amount of additional premium. Make sure you contact your insurer and discuss all the details as soon as possible. 5.) What is the claim procedure? In case, you met an accident inform the all you need to file a claim for your policy is inform the insurance company about the miss happening and sit back. They will get back to you soon possible. Tata Aig Travel insurance company has 24×7 customer support system this helps the customer to get the status of their claim. It also offers the reimbursement options that allow you to reimburse the medical expenses even if the accident takes place in abroad. 6.) Is there a free Look-in period available? Tata Aig Travel Insurance provides Look-in period which allows you to take the policy for a month but in case if you are not satisfied with the product you can return and get it refunded. 7.) Can I cancel my policy between the policy tenure? Yes, it is allowed to cancel the policy between the policy tenure. It will be canceled in the case only when the policyholder has not undertaken the journey. Proofs are also required at the time when applying for cancellation, for example, a passport is required. 8.) What all documents are required at the time of filing the claim? There are so common documents that are essentially required for filing the claim, read below in detail: Claim form. Bill, voucher, prescription, discharge summary with details like name, treatment done and expenses incurred. The price and names of the medicines should be mentioned in the prescription. 9.) Why availing Tata AIG Travel Insurance? It is very necessary to live a safe and secure life you can do this by buying the Tata AIG travel insurance whether you are going for a vacation trip or business trip. There are multiple benefits of Tata AIG travel insurance which are the best reason to avail this policy. Some of the best benefits of Tata AIG travel insurance: Reimbursement Accidental death benefit Covers the lodging charges due to trip delay Loss of tickets Loss of baggage Loss of passport Medical assistance in case of emergency 10.) What are the modes of premium payment? There are two different modes of premium payment offered by the TATA AIG Travel insurance namely cash payment that you can pay at the branch and another best and time-saving mode is online payment which can be paid by means of credit card, debit card and Net Banking. 11.) How to check the policy status for Tata AIG travel insurance? You can check the Tata AIG Travel Insurance Policy status very easily and quickly as it can be done from home. All you need to do is register yourself on their website and login with your username and password. This will give you all the information related to your travel insurance policy. You can also Call Toll-free number of Tata AIg Travel Insurance. It is advised to keep your TATA AIG Travel Insurance policy details ready. 12.) What is the renewal procedure of Tata AIG travel insurance? It can be done online this is one of the easiest and time-saving procedure to renew the Tata AIG Travel Insurance policy. Online mode of renewal process allows you to calculate the exact amount of premium and also offers a variety of payment modes, for example, Net banking or Debit or Credit payment. Step1: Enter your Tata Travel Insurance Policy Number, Expiry Date and Client ID into Renew Online portal Step2: Calculate the premium for your travel insurance Step3: Select the online payment option -Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card Step4: Save/print the premium deposit receipt Alternatively, you can pay via cash/cheque at any of the nearest branch. 13.) What are the steps to claim settlement for Tata AIG Travel Insurance? There are two ways for claim settlement: one is the traditional way that in which the person has to visit the office with required documents to file the claim and another is through online medium. It allows you to save money and time both as it can be done from anywhere across the globe. You can register your claim online. The claims department will call you in 1 hour. Upon successful completion of formalities within 7 working days the claim is settled. 14). What is the policy cancellation process for Tata AIGtravel insurance? Submit your policy with surrender form to your nearest branch. The refund will be directly credited into your account and the policy will stand cancelled, upon successful completion of documents. Tata AIG General Insurance Launches Three New Health Products for Consumers Tata AIG to Double its Exposure in Health Insurance