The best preventive healthcare insurance policy for a healthy India

With the rise of a number of deaths related to treatable critical illnesses, there is a need for one to give preventive healthcare the seriousness it deserves. Preventive healthcare helps one to identify and manage diseases in the earliest stage possible. A preventive healthcare insurance policy is designed for this specific purpose.
The best preventive healthcare insurance plan caters for regular check-ups and takes the family history of a policyholder into account. This is done through regular scheduled check-up or tests at network hospitals. By so doing, doctors assess the policyholder’s risks of developing diseases and advice on lifestyle choices that will allow the patient to live longer healthier.
Advantages of preventive healthcare insurance policy
⦁ A preventive healthcare insurance policy allows the policyholder to live an informed lifestyle as a regular check-up and doctor’s advice ensure one is able to maintain their health accordingly
⦁ Early detection and treatment of some critical illnesses are possible with a preventive healthcare plan.
⦁ Preventive healthcare insurance quotes reveal it costs a less than regular health insurance premium cost
⦁ When we compare preventive healthcare insurance and health insurance, preventive health insurance is designed for diagnosing and preventing illnesses while health insurance is designed for the treatment of illnesses.
⦁ Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart attack which later manifest into critical illnesses are easier prevented than treated. Regular check-ups provided for by a preventive healthcare insurance policy is one of the measures one can take.
⦁ As many more Indians shift from treatment to prevention, there shall be a significant reduction in future healthcare costs and a robustly growing economy.
⦁ The best preventive healthcare plan ensures that the risk of medical emergencies is reduced allowing one to focus on what is of importance to them.
⦁ Diagnosis and preventive healthcare services are expensive and having a preventive healthcare plan helps mitigate against this costs
⦁ Online preventive healthcare insurance companies provide a convenient and easy way to secure the health of your loved ones.
⦁ A tax waiver of up to Rs 5,000 is available with the provision of a preventive healthcare plan. It is also included in the overall deductions for payment of health insurance premium payment for a policyholder and his beneficiaries
Types of preventive healthcare packages available
In India, insurance companies offer various preventive healthcare packages tailor-made to suit your individual or family needs.
⦁ Family packages. Designed for the entire family, the plan caters for dental and full body check-ups, and consultations on diet tailor-made for your family’s medical needs.
⦁ Cardiac screening. The best preventive healthcare plan designed to screen for risk of heart attack, cardiovascular ailments and stroke.
⦁ Cancer Screening. Early detection screening programs that are designed to detect the disease in the early stages. It caters for breast, prostate cancer. At risk groups e.g. smokers are detected and advised on threats they face.
⦁ Fertility checks
⦁ Dental plans
⦁ Pediatric checks for children below the age of thirteen is also available under the preventive healthcare insurance policy.
⦁ Corporate plans. Available for organizations that want to keep their workers healthy and productive

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