Two-wheeler insurance: Different types of policies explained

Two-wheeler insurance: Different types of policies explained

Two-wheelers are extremely popular in India owing to their high practicality; they are one of the most convenient means of transportation since they are able to easily manoeuvre through heavy traffic and even negotiate stuffy alleys. Beyond that, two-wheelers are also fun to ride, for most part. Unfortunately, increasing traffic, bad road conditions, and poor driving ethics also make two-wheelers more prone to accidents and damages. This is where insurance comes in to play – with the appropriate insurance policy, one can avoid bearing the inflated costs associated with repairing a damaged two-wheeler. In addition to that, an insurance policy can also offer coverage against personal injuries as well as injuries caused to other people in case of an accident. So, if you are planning to buy insurance for your two-wheeler, then take a look at the type of insurance policies you can choose from.

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