Q: What are ULIP Plans?
ULIP stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plans. ULIP is a combination of insurance and investment. Here a policyholder can pay a premium monthly or annually. A small amount of the premium goes to secure life insurance and rest of the money is invested just like a mutual fund does.
Q: What are the types of ULIP Plans?
Equity Funds Income, Fixed Interest and Bond Funds Cash Funds Balanced Funds
Q: Why Insuremile?
● Our Insurance rates are highly competitive. ● All transactions will be on our digital platform – this ensures total transparency. ● When you buy any insurance policy through InsureMile, we will ensure that 25 meals are provided to children in association with Plan India, a non-governmental organisation. ● The meal-programme will be at no extra cost to you. ● You can claim 80G tax benefit
What are its Benefits?
● Choose your investment mix. On the basis of your risk appetite, you have the option to choose the mix of market entities that you invest in. ● Flexibility ● Long term investment. ● Tax Benefits. ● Life Cover.
Q: Why do you need to compare ULIP Plans online?
It is always better to compare plans online so that you have a clear idea of the options available to you.
Q: Why compare ULIP Plans at InsureMile?
InsureMile has a team of experts who can help you find the best insurance policies and providers in India. We have years of experience that we use to help you choose the right policies. We respect your time and money. We build on the trust you have in us and we will help you in investing in the right Insurance plans and policies.