United India Travel Insurance
United India Insurance Co. Ltd. Is one of the leading insurance provider in Indian Insurance market. The various plans are not only designed to meet the maximum range of unforeseen scenarios but also have a hassle free documentation and processing system in place .Travel Insurance plans are offered by United India insurance in two segments. 1. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans. 2. Domestic travel Insurance Plans. A) Overseas Travel Insurance Plans Travelling has become an integral part of everybodys daily life. Whatever the reason could be, either for personal leisure or professional requirement, we all travel day in day out. Hence this brings the higher probability of any misfortune while travelling. In such a scenario not pleasure of travelling diminishes but trepidation of being alone in any unknown place is a crumpling feeling as well. It is for situations like this the Travel Insurance Plans cocoons individual from any ill fate spoiling their traveling pleasure. United India Overseas Travel insurance plans are on the whole , protection plans that provides coverage for health expenses overseas as well as trip related insurance coverage. Not only this , It also covers insurance for trip delays, trip interruptions, trip cancellations and related problems through various plans offered by many a insurer in Indian market today. Additionally cover for travel-related expenses such expenses incurred for medical and health emergencies that may arise during trip is provided under Travel Insurance plans. On a whole, United India Insurance Overseas Travel Insurance Plans are most apposite protection tools for those who are travelling overseas and are wedged in any emergency situation. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans are further classified as per the requirement of insured and purpose of travelling. a. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for business and holiday. b. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for Employment & Study. c. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for Frequent Flyers. Overseas Travel Insurance Plan for business and holiday. Available for Persons going abroad on business & holiday. Insurance protection against any expenses incurred towards medical treatment for accident / disease sustained during overseas trips Additional coverage against loss of passport under the plan. Four different benefit plan available. Benefits under the plans The Insurance coverage is available in four different plan variants. Plan A – 1 with worldwide coverage excluding USA / Canada Plan A – 2 with worldwide coverage excluding USA / Canada Plan B – 1 with worldwide coverage excluding USA / Canada Plan B – 2 with worldwide coverage excluding USA / Canada. The benefit illustration is as below. Exclusions under the plans. For any pre diagnosed illness prior to commencement of plan cover or due an any consequential event in past prior to the commencement of plan. For any health claim which has occurred due to denunciation of physician advice. For any claim arising out of illnesses or accidents that the Insured Person has caused intentionally or by committing a crime or as a result of drunkenness or addiction (drugs, alcohols). For any claims arising out of mental disorder, anxiety, stress of depression, venereal disease or any loss arising directly or indirectly from any injury, illness, death, loss or expense or any other liability Any medical expense towards the attributable to HIV (Human Imnuno Deficiency Virus) and/ or any HIV related illness including AIDS (Acquired Imuno Deficiency Syndrome) and/ or any mutant derivative or variations thereof howsoever caused. For illness and accidents that are results of wars and warlike occurrences or invasions, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, active participation in riots, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation or nationalization or requisition of or destruction of or damage to the property by or under the order of any government or local authority. For any claim arising from damage to any property whatsoever or any loss or expenses whatsoever resulting or arising from or any consequential loss directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste from the combustion fuel or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof. For any claim arising out of sporting risk in so far as they involve the training or participation in competitions of professional or semi professional sportsmen or women. Cases where the insured is taking part in any kind of Naval, Military or Air Force operation. An all inclusive plan specially designed for those who are going abroad for studies or employment purpose. Trip limit available for minimum 2 months to a maximum stretch of 12 months Further renewals can be opted for minimum 1 month and maximum 12 months. Available for individuals between 5 years to 60 years. Medical expenses coverage limit (excluding USA & Canada) as USD 1500 and deductable as USD 100. Repatriation of remains and reunion expenses are available as per limit of the plan. Overseas Travel Insurance Plan for Employment and Study. Overseas Travel Insurance Plan for Frequent Flyers Available for Persons going abroad for studies or employment purpose. Insurance protection against any expenses incurred towards medical treatment for accident / disease sustained during overseas trips. Two benefit plan options available. PLAN E – 1 PLAN E – 2 Benefit illustration. 2. Domestic Travel Insurance Plans. Baggage Insurance Plan Suhana safar plan Marg bandhu Plan i. Baggage Insurance Plan A dedicated insurance plan for all accompanied baggage during a journey within country. Provision for coverage of additional luggage based on deceleration provided prior commencement of journey. Comprehensive coverage against any loss or damage of the baggage in the event of theft, fire, riots, strike, terrorist act etc. The benefit coverage is for the contents of the baggage damaged/lost due to any above said conditions on a strict basis of indemnity. Exclusions No expenses hall be reimbursed for articles of consumable nature cash securities jewellery precious stones furs watches etc. For property conveyed/transported by a carrier under receipt Any loss or damage due to depreciation wear and tear or consequential loss legal liability theft from unsecured car Any loss of damage in the case of war perils nuclear perils. ii. Suhana Safar Insurance plan. An exclusive plan designed for the family journey anywhere in India. Protections cover against a personal accident and loss of Baggage of the insured spouse and dependent children. Benefit coverage is for the period of outstation travel with in India from the declared place of departure. Option of coverage for a single round of travel to the places declared up to the scheduled date of return. Available for journeys less than 60 days. Personal accident cover of Rs 1 lakh per head with reimbursement of reasonable actual emergency incidental expenses up to Rs.1000/- per head. Indemnity against death or permanent disablement within 12 months due to bodily injury sustained in an accident. Benefit coverage for loss or damage of baggage on either actual value of the articles or Rs.500/- per article whichever is less, unless specifically declared. iii. Marg Bandhu Plan. An insurance plan dedicated to journeys with longer durations such as educational tour or pilgrimage. Absolute coverage in the event of death or disablement of either permanent or partial nature during the journey. Hospitalization expenses for ailment of injury sustained during the journey. Expenses towards alternative travel arrangement in the event of diversion or cancellation caused by accident to carrying vehicle / train. Extensive coverage for loss / damage to baggage whilst on tour. Coverage for 100 % Capital Sum Insured in the event of death. 50% of Capital Sum Insured is provided in the cases of loss of one limb or one eye. Permanent partial disablement is proportionally covered as per capital sum insured. Enhanced coverage for Medical expenses and other miscellaneous expenses available on payment of additional premium. Exclusions Compensation under more than one clause for same period of disability. Any payment after admission of a claim for 50% / 100% of CSI Any claim in the same period of insurance exceeding the CSI Suicide attempt there at VD Criminal breach of law influence of liquor / drugs. Pregnancy related claim War and nuclear perils Loss / damage due to cracking scratching depreciation wear and tear Loss / damage to money / securities manuscripts documents.
United India Travel Insurance – FAQs
1. How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available? The United India Insurance Company offers 3 modes of premium payment namely: Cash payment at the branch Online Payment NEFT/RTGS Mobile- M power For the online payment mode, the policyholder can pay via; Credit Card Debit Card Net banking 2. How can I check policy status for United India travel insurance? Please vsist the nearest office of the United India Insurance company to inquire about the policy status. 3. What is the policy renewal process for United India travel insurance? If you purchased the policy online you should renew it online before 30 days of the expiry. Online Renewal Procedure Step1: Enter your Policy number and Expiry Date to login into e-portal Step2: Choose the the payment option – Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking to pay Step3: Print/Save cyber receipt of the premium deposit Alteranatively, you can pay via M-Power Procedure: Visit the Merchant Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) section on your Mobile Banking application and just input: Merchant Mobile No: 8939815005 Merchant MMID: 9036001 Amount: * Payment Reference: * MPIN : 4. What is the companys process to settle claim for United India travel insurance? Doenload the suitable claims from from e-portal. Depoist it with the required documents at the customer service desk in your nearest branch. The company will make the necessary inquiries and if satisfied will reimburse the claim amount in a few days. 5. What is the policy cancellation process for United India travel insurance? You can cancel the policy before it is expired. Just visit the nearest branch with the policy documents and fill up a surrender form. Submit it and within a few days the refund will be directly credited in your bank account. New Policies for Rural Welfare by United India Insurance United India Insurance Winner of Contract for Pensioners in Tamil Nadu