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1. Insured Declared Value Each bike has got total fixed value (current market value) which is called as Insured’s Declared Value (IDV). This IDV is calculated based on previous year IDV.IDV is very much important in case of Total damage of the vehicle. Fire, Theft, Natural calamities. This is why IDV has to be kept more while buying a policy. Your IDV defines your premium. The more IDV you chose the more compensation you get. IDV is depreciated every year as per the IRDA regulation. 2. Compensation types Personal Accident Cover – Coverage for individual driver of the vehicle while travelling in bike, also there is option to cover co-passenger who is travelling in bike. Third Party liability cover – Protection against legal liability due to accident damages resulting the permanent injury or death of person and damage caused to the property Own damage or comprehensive cover – Protection against the loss or damage of the insured bike. 3. What type policy is required before you start driving your bike? Before raiding your bike, it is mandatory for bike owners to have bike insurance policy and adhere to the motor vehicle act, at least raider must have third-party liability cover policy. Otherwise you will have to pay fine to cops. And also, you need to pay third-party damage cost from yourself for the third-party damages in case of any unexpected events. 4. From whom you can buy bike insurance policy? You can buy bike insurance policy from insurance company or insurance aggregators, agent or broker who is licensed by IRDA to provide policy advice and services. you can check IRDA for website to validate whom your buying from. 5. How to buy my bike insurance online? If you buy your bike insurance online you will get discounts and cash back offers. One most important thing you can save your time while doing your bike insurance renewal online. It’s better to compare and get minimum 3 different insurance companies quotes before buying the policy. Bike insurance online gives you quick and faster service from anywhere and any time.24*7. Buy policy from insurance aggregator, also explore online aggregator you can get 3 quotes in 3 minutes. You can save your money and time. Bike insurance online process is very simple and fast. 6. What are things I need to check after buying bike insurance policy? Always check start date of policy, end date of policy, IDV value, exclusion of policy terms and conditions and insurer details. Take digital copy of policy. It will help you always while raiding you can show this proof if any authority asks for the proof of insurance. 7 How to file a bike insurance claim and get my compensation? Base on accident type you must have the following documents to file a claim, 1. Copy of insurance policy, 2. First Information Report filed with the policy if any personal damages to you or third-party 3. Signed claim form 4. Copy of bike registration certificate 5. Copy of driving license 6. Medical receipts in case hospital expenses. With all these details call the insurance company or send an email with all these details and get a claim number for further process to your compensation. How to renew my bike insurance policy or bike insurance renewal. Before doing bike insurance renewal please check your current policy end date, if policy expired don’t have to do the inspection for some companies. It will be processed T+ 2. Means policy start date will be after 3 days from the date of payment. This applies only for the expired cases. Bike insurance renewal has to be done every year so that you will be getting no claim bonus every year. In this technological world most insurance companies will help to do the bike insurance renewal via app and website to save their customers time.

An insurance plan taken to cover a motorcycle and the rider from uncertainties such as accidents and theft is known as a two wheeler insurance policy.It is a mandatory motor insurance plan that seek to protect the policyholder in this case the rider from legal charges resulting from physical damage caused to the rider and their motorcycle by a third party. The best motorcycleinsurance policy protects your motorcycle and self from careless drivers or unforeseen natural calamities. Like any other motor insurance plan, it will help you meet emergency costs that may arise in case of a tragedy involving your moped and motorcycle. In case of an accident or natural calamity, a policyholder will simply file a claim and the insurance company will swiftly settle the claim. Remember to compare insurance companies and to request motorcycle insurance quotes from as many providers as possible to ensure you get the best deal.

1. Because enquiry about insurance quotes, buying of insurance and other transactions are simple, transparent and competitive on InsureMile platform. 2. Because InsureMile does not ask you for your phone number or email details, thus you are not harassed by unwanted calls or mail. 3. Because InsureMile will guide you, whenever you need any assistance.

This is very important. If you have been driving carefully and you are lucky not to be involved in an accident, you can avail ‘No Claim Bonus’. If you do not make any insurance claim during your policy period, insurance companies give ‘No Claim Bonus’. Insurance companies reward you for good driving by giving you a discount on your next premium when you go for renewal. The discount can keep increasing every year depending upon on your driving record and your premium could come down by nearly 50 per cent. Good driving is important.

Step 1: Register your claim. Register your claim by calling the insurance company. Step 2: Send your vehicle for repair. In case of an accident, take your vehicle to the garage (if movable) or have it towed to avoid further damage. … Step 3: Survey and Claim Settlement. urllinkcontent: Car Insurance Online India | Car Insurance Quotes India – InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Bangladesh: Low returns obtained from insurance fund investments – Asia Insurance Review nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance – Compare taxi Insurance Quotes Policy -InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance claim cannot be denied on the ground of common lifestyle diseases: NCDRC to LIC – The Economic Times – 12th October 2018 nextrowlinkcontent Insurance claim cannot be denied on the ground of common lifestyle diseases: NCDRC to LIC - The Economic Times – 12th October 2018 urllinkcontent: Liberty Two Wheeler Insurance nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Mercedes nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance -Compare Car Insurance Quotes Policy – InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance – Compare Commercial vehicle Quotes policy – InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance firms can’t be liable to pay compensation to those who travel in goods carriers: Madras HC – The Economic Times – 9th November 2018 nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Allahabad Bank Fixed Deposit Plans nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Protect your asset with a commercial vehicle motor insurance policy nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: The best senior citizens health insurance policy available nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: The best preventive healthcare insurance policy for a healthy India nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Car Insurance – Compare Rolls Royce Car Insurance Quotes Policy – InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Individual health Insurance nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Two-wheeler insurance: Different types of policies explained nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Insurance – Compare taxi Insurance Quotes Policy -InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Advantages and exclusions of critical illness insurance policy nextrowlinkcontent urllinkcontent: Bike Insurance – Compare Moto Guzzi Bike Insurance Quotes Policy – InsureMile nextrowlinkcontent

A two wheeler insurance plan can either be a) Third party motorcycle insurance policy. This category of insurance protects third parties from accident damages incurred. It compensates third parties for physical injuries incurred and even death. b) Comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy In addition to third party damages cover, a two wheeler insurance policy covers damages incurred by the policyholder caused by external forces such as theft, fire and riots as well as natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

The most important differentiator is InsureMile’s ‘Buy A Policy, Feed A Child’ mission For every policy you buy, InsureMile on your behalf contributes 25 meals to a child. You are thus becoming part of a Social Movement to eradicate hunger among children in India. There is no additional amount to be paid for the social cause. It is part of the premium. You can claim tax benefits for the donation you have made.

In India, there are basically 2 types of Two-Wheeler Insurance you can buy: Third-Party Liability Cover and Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance. A Third-Party Liability only protects the third-party person or property damage or injury caused by your vehicle. Comprehensive provides third-party coverage plus it covers vehicle theft and other damages.

In India, the rate of accidents on roads is high. The percentage of two wheelers involved in accidents also is high. If your two-wheeler is involved in an accident and you do not have insurance, then you will have to pay heavily for vehicle damages and also to the families of the dead victims or to those who have been injured due to your vehicle. The law is strict and it could lead to your imprisonment for varying periods. Hence it is advisable to have Two-Wheeler Insurance to protect you from such incidents. It offers third-party liability coverage as well as ‘own damage’ and ‘personal accident’ covers. This means it covers you, your two-wheeler and third-parties from all possible damages.

All motorised two-wheelers are required by law to have insurance. Falling under the General Insurance product category, it helps protect people against accidents that take place on the road. Active two wheeler insurance shields the vehicle owner from any unforeseen occurrences like an accident or any serious damage to the motor vehicle