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1. What is the claim Process of Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan? The claim process of Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan is simple and is described in the following steps: Inform the company. Submit the required documents to the nearest branch of the company. If the claim is bona fide, the benefits of the policy will be immediately paid out to the nominee. 2. How does Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan work? Once the buyers choose the policy tenure and decide on the sum assured of policy based on their financial requirements, the yearly premium of the policy is calculated. 3. How can you change the nomination in the policy? In order to change the nomination in the policy, the policyholder has to submit an endorsement form. Moreover, he/she can call the toll free number and inform the company. 4. How can you check the claim status? By emailing or calling to the customer support team of the insurance company, one can check the claim status. 5. How can you add or remove riders from the policy? The policyholder can add or remove the rider depending on his/her requirement. In order to add a rider to the plan, a duly signed request letter must be submitted for the same. The insured can remove the rider simply by calling to the hotline number. Always keep your policy number and T-PIN handy, while adding or removing the rider. 6. What are the riders provided by Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan? This plan offers Aegon Life ADDD Rider. This rider provides additional benefits to the insured in case of The accidental demise of the policy holder. Due to accidental dismemberment, the policyholder loses a limb, eyes, etc. In case of temporary or permanent disability of the insured due to an accident. 7. What are the benefits and advantage of Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan? The benefits and advantages offered by this plan are: The insured gets cash back at regular intervals. The plan provides add-on coverage through Aegon Life ADDD Rider. The plan has limited premium paying tenure. Even after the completion of the premium paying term, the insurance coverage continues. The plan provides income tax benefits to the insured. Loan facility is also provided by the plan. The insured has the flexibility to choose between different policy terms. Through bonus accrual, the benefit amount increases over

As a participating plan,Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan has a limited premium payment option. Survival benefits are offered depending on the term chosen.

An add-on benefit as Aegon Life ADDD Rider is accessible under the plan. This rider provides an additional coverage in case of demise, dismemberment, and disability caused by an accident. Exclusions Only 80% of the premiums paid or acquired surrender value is returned to the beneficiary in case the policyholder commits suicide within the first year of the policy inception. Documents Required forAegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan In order to acquire the benefits of the policy, the policyholder needs to fill an `Application form with correct medical history and the proof of your address and other documents of KYC. On the basis of the sum assured amount and the insured persons age, a medical examination may be required as well.

On the demise of the insured, a higher of 10x annualized premiums or the sum assured is paid out to the beneficiary along with the vested bonuses, which is subject to 105% of all the premiums paid. At an interval of 4 years, Periodic Survival Benefits accrue as follows: For 14 years PPT: 10%, 20%, and 30% For 17 years PPT: 10%, 20% and 40% For 21 years PPT: 10%, 15%, 25% and 30% On Maturity, 40% of the sum assured plus vested bonuses including Terminal Bonus, if any, is paid This policy offers Income Tax benefits to the insured. Under these benefits, the premiums paid are exempt of the tax deduction as per section 80C of Income Tax Act. The claim received is also free from tax deduction as per section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act.

Details About Premium Benefit Illustration and Yearly premium Policy Detailsof Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan Grace Period: If the insured fails to pay premiums on time, then a grace period of 15 days is given to the policyholder, in monthly premium paying mode and 30 days for other modes. Failing this will result in policy lapse. Policy termination or Surrender Benefit: In case a yearly premium has been paid by the insured, the policy gets a Surrender Value. The Surrender Value is higher of the Special Surrender Value or the Guaranteed Surrender Value. Guaranteed Surrender Value = (Guaranteed Surrendered Value % of Premiums paid + Guaranteed Surrendered Value % of vested Bonuses – Survival Benefits already paid) + Guaranteed Surrender Value % of vested Bonuses. Free Look period: If the policyholder is not satisfied with the coverage as well as the terms and conditions of the policy, then he/she is privileged with an option of free look period of 15 days. This option enables the insured to cancel the policy within this period, provided there hasnt been a claim filed. Inclusions After the completion of 3 years, the plan offers loan subject to a minimum of Rs.5000 and a maximum 60% of the Surrender Value.