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Emergency Medical Costs: The insurer compensates you for expenses incurred due to an accident or ailment while travelling abroad only. Emergency Medical Costs (Accidental only): You will get reimbursed for the expenses insured due to an accident while travelling in India only. Emergency Travel benefits: This cover includes emergency medical conveyance, emergency travel costs for your family, medical repatriation or transfer of medicines etc. Cover for emergency medical deportation: This is an essential feature during an overseas trip be it business or leisure, especially when the person is above 50 years old. At the time of buying this coverage, the employer must explore the medical treatments and hospitals and return expenses. Cover for cancellation of the trip: This cover prevents you from incurring extra expenses due to a flight cancellation. It is a must for the employer to opt for biggest possible claim including the expenses for any pre-paid activity. Cover for loss of key documents: This cover provides assistance in case you lose any important document during travelling like Passport. Passport is essential while travelling abroad and travelling without it is an offence. Ensure that you have a policy that covers loss of passport and you can get the new one ASAP. Hijack disaster and other calamities: Always take a plan that includes damages or injury due to natural disasters or other calamities. It is essential to estimate how much an area is prone to disaster, where a maximum of your business trips are scheduled to and take a plan accordingly. Loss of Baggage: Travel insurance pay for the loss of checked-in baggage, baggage delay etc. Hijacking: Some insurers also pay for every 6 hours the insured is stuck due to a hijacked carrier. Pays Trip Interruption Expenses: In case your trip is interrupted, your travel insurer will pay the travel or accommodation expenses incurred. Less Expensive: The best part is that group travel insurance is less expensive that what an individual travel insurance costs. Hassle-free Process: This plan covers multiple people in one policy with less paper work. That means you face no hassle. You would require filling a form for a group of travellers. Exclusion of Group Travel Insurance Exclusions are the most important part of an insurance plan thus one should be careful and read it thoroughly. Most of the travel insurance excludes below-mentioned things: Cancellation via Tour Operator: No cancellation that is done by the tour operator is covered. When the cancellation is not from your end but a third party, the insurer doesnt consider it in their policy coverage list. War like situation/local strike: Though most of the travel plans include terrorist activities and damages, the act of war or civil unrests always come in the exclusion list. Hence, even if you are forced to cancel your trip due to ongoing unrest in an international location, your insurance policy wont cover it. Pre-existing illness: It is a very common exclusion by all travel insurance due to the risk factor. It denotes the health condition, which requires medical attention before travel or beginning of the travel insurance. Baggage delayed for less hours: If your baggage is delayed for less than 24 hours, your insurer may not cover the loss. Minimum 24 hours of delay is required to avail the benefit. Loss or damage to keys, credit cards, documents, money, tickets etc.: These items are included in the exclusion list and required to be safe with you at all times. Sports Injuries: Travel insurance does not cover any injury due to adventurous activities such as white water sports, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, paragliding etc. Maternity and Childbirth: Conditions are applied when it comes to maternity or childbirth related complications. However, some policies cover the first trimester if someone is travelling during this time. Mental Disorder or Self-initiated Injuries: No coverage is offered if the person has been suffering from mental illness, a nervous disorder. Also, a self-inflicted injury like suicide attempt is also not covered. Divorce as a Reason to Cancel a Trip: Some travel policies do not accept a claim for trip cancellation or interruption due to your other half filing a divorce. However, travel insurance companies have started adding cover for divorce or separation cases as well. Group Travel Insurance Policy Claim Process:Every insurance company has its own set of claim procedures. However, here are the basic requirements that you need to know about a claim process:

Policy Details Grace Period: 30 days grace period is allowed for payment of premium. If policyholder fails to make payment within the grace period, the policy lapses Policy Termination or Surrender Benefit: Policyholder is allowed to surrender the policy after 5 completed years. If surrendered before 5 years, the fund value net of discontinuation charge will be credited to the Discontinued Policy Fund whereInform immediately by giving written notice. Obtain a police report. Notify your insurer via telephone or send an e-mail. Fill the claim form and send all the required documents (hard or soft copies as per the requirement) to the insurers official address. In Case of Checked-in Baggage Loss/Baggage Delay Write to the concerned Airlines informing about the loss. Collect a Property Irregularity Report from the Airlines where the incident occurred. Notify your insurance through phone or You will receive a Claim Reference Number to further coordinate through the entire process. Fill the form with required documents and send to the insurer. Flight Delay Collect the confirmation letter from the Airlines intimating the duration and reason for delay. Notify your insurance through phone or You will receive a Claim Reference Number to further coordinate through the entire process. Fill the form with required documents and send to the insurer`s official address. Loss of Cash Immediately write a notice to the police intimating about the incident or theft. Collect the police report where the theft occurred. Notify your insurance through phone or You will receive a Claim Reference Number to further coordinate through the entire process. Fill the form with required documents and send to the insurer`s official address. How to Compare Travel Insurance for Groups? It is a must to compare group travel policies before buying one. You will get a range of online aggregator websites, which offer you a complete solution for all your inquests regarding a travel plan. You need only visit the website, click on insurance calculator or premium calculator, check the plans, and compare. This way you can buy an informed travel insurance plan, save money and time as the online purchase will offer you hassle-free and instant plan.

Save yourself from the unexpected troubles with the help of best Group Travel Insurance. With businesses becoming more and more global, travelling has become an inseparable part of todays corporate life. From an organization’s perspective, it is certainly great news but they would also have to take into account of problems that can arise with travelling. For instance, loss of baggage or important documents, or even flight cancellation. Therefore, it is prudent for companies to invest in group travel insurance. What is Group Travel Insurance? As the name suggests, Group Travel Insurance is usually bought by a company for all its employees. Primarily, it is of two types- international and domestic. The premium that needs to be paid depends entirely on the type of policy and coverage. You can also choose between single trip and multi-trip cover. By combining medical benefits with travel related services, group travel insurance offers valuable financial protection to all members of the group.